YR Spoiler; Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

In the CEO office, Jack and Summer act weird until Kyle wonders why they’re acting weird. Surprise! all chime as Lola arrives with a cake.

At TGP, Billy thanks Chloe for saving him from himself. Chuckling that she’s the one who saved Adam, Chloe’s glad Billy’s back to being the man they all know and love. Which Billy would you like me to be this time? inner Billy wonders.

Meanwhile, at Society, Elena gives Abby a hug – Happy New Year! She’s surprised to hear that her takeout order’s been canceled – someone had a problem with it. Devon appears – you deserve a real date ~kiss~

Adam hasn’t brought Connor to the ranch to visit Victor – this discussion might not be suitable for his ears.

No, Chloe didn’t ask Billy to meet her because she’s worried about him – Delia’s going to have a little brother or sister. Congratulations to both you and Kevin ~hug~ You’re happy and hopeful – Billy can’t help but wonder what’s her secret.

Kyle digs into the gift bag Summer hands him. Whoa – where did you fund this? Lola looks jealous.

Seated at Society, Devon toasts Elena with champagne. Next stop; a jazz club. You deserve this. Sasha and Joy are both doing well in their new apartment – thanks to you, Nick and New Hope, Elena reports; she has an idea. Overstep away, Devon’s all ears.

Victor correctly guesses Adam’s there to discuss Nick’s ‘wise decision’ to end things with Chelsea – and that she’s back with him. Congratulations on being her back up. Her husband wasn’t even cold when Chelsea moved into Nick’s, Victor thinks she’s on the rebound – again. Nope, and Adam’s sure Nick will get over it. You got everything you want but it seems like a hollow victory to Victor. Regardless, his only concern is Connor. That’s why Adam’s there.

There’s no ‘magic fix’ to make the pain go away – Chloe still sometimes cries herself to sleep when thinking of Delia; the guardian angel who gives her good advice. And she’s blessed to have Kevin. Claiming he’s doing fine, Billy sends Chloe off with another congratulatory hug and sits to look deeply troubled.

Elena knows opening up a New Hope medical clinic is ambitious but think about the benefits. It’s brilliant, Devon’s impressed but both look uncomfortable when Elena brings up Amanda’s name.

Back at TGP, Billy types then deletes a message to Vikki – then texts Amanda. What’s up?

Kyle and Summer joke about the framed photo of them as young kids. As they reminisce, Lola thinks it sweet and thanks Summer. Jack’s gift is being delivered (autographed hockey memorabilia) Now it’s time for Kyle to make a birthday wish. Enter Theo – someone having a party without me?

It was a last-minute thing, Jack and Summer say quickly. Theo’s not upset that he wasn’t invited – happy birthday ‘cuz’ – he’s also brought a gift; the kind that doesn’t come wrapped.

Elena’s sorry for bringing up ‘her’ name. Not bothered, Devon makes a toast. When Elena excuses herself to take a call from GCM, Abby comes over to chat with Devon about Amanda; she’s a model guest. And do you really think Cane’s the right person to investigate his Father?

Adam has no intention of cutting Victor out of Connor’s life – you’ve been a good influence on him. Unlike Connor’s parents, Victor tries to be a good example. Connor’s always welcome. Adam hopes his parents will be too, despite how Nick feels about it. Victor’s full of tricks – like being able to get Connor back into Walnut Grove.

Back at TGP, Chelsea’s so happy to hear that Chloe’s pregnant. You deserve this. She has news too. No, she and Nick aren’t getting married. She and Adam are giving it another shot. Chloe’s stunned.

Theo holds his phone out in front of Kyle’s face – Happy Birthday – Jabot’s latest social media metrics are a hit (thanks also to Summer) Good job, Jack raves. After Lola has Kyle walk her out, Jack apologizes to Theo and adds his birthday to his phone’s calendar. Family milestones need to be recognized.

Chelsea’s following her heart. To the man who ripped it out and stomped on it? Chloe thinks it a giant mistake. Adam has NOT changed. It has nothing to do with him running over Delia – since coming back to town, Adam blackmailed Kevin and tried to kill his own Father. Chelsea insists that Adam’s transformed. The love he has for Connor and me is real. Sociopaths don’t change, Chloe summons Billy over – Chelsea wants to reconcile with Adam – please stop her.

Adam’s not sure he and Chelsea want Connor to return to Walnut Grove and yes, she IS the stable Mother his son needs – and given Nikki’s past, Victor should watch what he says about her.

Both Chloe and Chelsea appeal to Billy. See what I’m dealing with? Complete denial, Chloe concludes. I know you’re mad at me but I’m doing this because I love you, she leaves Chelsea to invite Billy’s wrath – tell me something horrible I don’t already know about Adam.

M’boy – you like to be cocky – a chip off the old block, Victor smirks. He hopes Adam will learn from his experiences (and not try to control everything or repeat past mistakes) Adam tells his ‘Pops’ that he’ll control what he has to and break whatever rules he needs to – just as you taught me. Good luck, Victor calls out as Adam leaves.

Seated with Billy, Chelsea explains that she and Adam are taking things slow – she can’t deny her feelings for him or suppress them. It’s your life, who am I or anyone to tell you how to live it? Billy’s nonchalant.

Devon updates Abby that Interpol’s also looking for Collin. She updates that she’s dating Chance; nothing serious. He’s starting his own security firm – so, if you need the goods on anyone… Devon finds that interesting and when Elena returns he announces ‘another good idea’.

Walking to the elevator, Kyle whines that Theo pushes his buttons on purpose. And it works every time, Lola points out that she could have reacted differently to a personal gift given to HER husband by his ex-wife. What did I do to deserve you? Kyle gives her a kiss and returns to the office to find Theo making a show for Jack and Summer of admiring the ‘sweet’ framed photo.

Devon calls Chance with a request/job – keep tabs on the woman who claimed you were her client; Amanda Sinclair.

Chloe’s astonished and frustrated to hear that Billy told Chelsea to live her truth (which everyone should do) Even if that truth is insane? Chloe huffs. Sanity’s overrated, Billy casually exits.

Chelsea comes home to hear that Connor’s still out with the nanny and that Adam’s meeting with Victor went well. He’s open to including us in family gatherings. But when he steps close to kiss her, Chelsea smiles and backs away.