YR Spoiler; Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

Devon and Nick are at Society talking about Elena’s idea about a medical clinic for New Hope. Nick approves and is talking about his break up when Phyllis comes along to hear them. She has nothing good to say about Adam or Chelsea but praise for Nick. They laugh and have a good time.

Chelsea’s moved the rest of her things to the penthouse. Adam talks to Walnut Grove’s principal. She now sees that he’s the same man she fell in love with and it’s time to sleep together.

** I’m in Florida so had a friend watch and send a brief recap of today’s show. If I’m unable to do tomorrow’s recap, my daughter will fill in 🙂 Thanks Amanda (no relation to THAT Amanda)

Sharon and Rey are at the coffee house. She’s cryptic. He’s busy so hasn’t noticed. Mariah talks to her Mom for a bit before Devon drops in. He got a call from Tanner’s agent. Mariah lets him know that he was once married to Tessa. Devon doesn’t see him as a threat to their relationship. Rey comes back to ask Mariah if she noticed that her Mom seems off.

Tessa sets the scene for an early, romantic birthday celebration for Mariah. She’s going to tour with Tanner but he’s no threat to the love they share. Tessa’s gift to Tanner is a book of her heartfelt lyrics to make up for stealing Mariah’s journal.

Sharon gets a text from a concerned Rey and not so great news from the doctor. The mammogram didn’t conclusively indicate what the lump in her breast is so she’ll need to see an oncologist and have a biopsy done. She looks like she’s in shock.