YR Spoiler; Thursday, January 9th, 2020

At Sharon’s, Mariah’s wished Happy Birthday by Faith then has a quiet word with her Mom – she’s OK with Tessa going on tour with Tanner.

At the apartment, Tessa gets a text from Tanner – he hopes she’s packed and ready to go on tour. Once in a lifetime opportunity, Tessa replies hastily as she looks at her suitcase.

Nate meets Devon, Elena and Nick at CL’s. They have an idea to discuss with him.

At home, Billy’s on the phone – pleased the merger went through but looking depressed after hanging up.

Phyllis is getting to know Amanda and boasting about herself over lunch at Society. And you, you’ve never lost a case – what are you like outside the courtroom? How far would you go to get what you want? she probes then steers the conversation back to herself. Phyllis wants what she wants – and looks over at Chance and Abby kissing.

Faith talks about her crazy family all the time with her friends at school. Sharon wishes Mariah and Cassie got to know each other. They reminisce about Mariah’s first birthday with them and how they finally convinced her she was loved for who she is. Cassie predicted you’d have another daughter, Faith wonders if maybe Cassie sensed she had a twin who’d find her way home.

For some reason, Abby and Chance stop by Phyllis’ table for some attitude ‘n snark. After they continue on with their date, Phyllis continues to shovel food into her mouth and grin at Amanda.

On the patio, Devon asks Nate to oversee their proposed New Hope medical clinic. It’d be an honour, he agrees as Nick and Elena smile. Nice – let’s make this happen, Devon’s thrilled.

Wearing a tiara, Mariah scolds her Mom and sister for getting her so many presents. After Faith goes to meet her grandfather in the stables, Sharon hears that Mariah’s made peace with Tessa going on tour with her ex. Let’s make lemonade out of these lemons – Sharon wants to spend lots of Mother/daughter time making new memories.

Phyllis thinks Amanda needs to take on a high-profile client – this is a rich town. With Mike out of private practice and in the DA’s office, the Abbott’s and Newmans will need legal help soon she’s sure. She’s married into both families and thinks Nick, Jack and Billy all good men.

Over at the bar, Chance tells Abby that his first case fell into his lap – he’s not sure where it’ll end. To new adventures, Abby toasts. Chance takes a drink and glances across at Amanda and Phyllis’ table.

Nick comes knocking. I miss our girl. Sharon does too – so much ~hug~

Billy sends a text to Amanda- I owe you an apology – are you free? I could use a friendly ear.

Reading Billy’s text, Amanda suddenly remembers an appointment she needs to get to. the text and tells Phyllis she needs to get to an appointment she forgot. Chance watches her leave and tries to stay focused on whatever Abby’s saying. Enjoy your lunch, Amanda tells Nate and Elana as she passes them on her way out.

Devon’s at the apartment to tell Tessa that she made the right decision – we’ll miss you. This is the first place Tessa’s ever felt at home. Devon believes in her – if there’s any problems, let me know. Tessa asks him to check in on Mariah (who then arrives) Devon gives her a hug and wrapped birthday gift before leaving. Despite the party and gifts Mariah is having the worst birthday ever.