YR Spoiler; Friday, January 10th, 2020

Now dressed, Sharon reads a text from Rey – who hopes she’s having a good day. And then a text from Faith which basically says the same thing.

After Connor beats them at cards, Chelsea has to get to work. Connor pouts. No, he doesn’t want to go drop his Mom off. He doesn’t want to go back to the hotel. After what happened there, he doesn’t want his Mom to go there either.

Amanda’s not up for a lecture. Devon’s not going to deliver one. For the second time today, he admits to going out of his way to confront her. It wasn’t just about the will – it’s about Amanda looking like Hilary. Sorry. I’ve put it behind me. We don’t have to be friends but we can coexist. Appreciating that, Amanda reads a text and jumps up – I have to go. Devon has one more thing to say.

Back from checking on the kids, Billy’s been trying to say (in his own clumsy way) that trying to be who Vikki wants him to be is taking a toll. Vikki doesn’t want him to pretend to be anything. She also doesn’t want to feel like she’s being punished for caring. You make me sound like an overbearing nag. Vikki can’t be as spontanoes and wild as they were in Jamaica – she has kids and a demanding job now. There’s a difference between living on the edge and crossing the line. Asked agin if he’s OK? Billy’s had moments when he’s felt freer than he has in a long time. He’s not relapsing – you have nothing to worry about ~hug~

Now home, Sharon’s about to take some meds or vitamins when Nick brings Faith home. She can tell by the large bags that their shopping trip was a success. Did you get some work done while I was gone? Faith chirps brightly. Sharon looks over at the biopsy paperwork laying out nearby.

Discreetly rolling up her paperwork, Sharon teases Faith about all the shopping she talked her Dad into. Tired and going up for a nap, she again apologizes for snapping earlier. Nick looks concerned.

Chelsea understands why Connor’s traumatized and is concerned that he’s worrying about her working at TGP. Can’t you get a job elsewhere? Adam’s also worried. Willing to talk to the child psychologist but unwilling to giving up her job just yet, Chelsea believes in ‘us’ and the strength of ‘our family’. With love and support we’ll get through anything ~kiss~

Cuddling on the couch, Vikki thinks they just need to keep the lines of communication open. Billy agrees- go have a bath and a nap. Thanks, I love you, Vikki goes upstairs. You love someone, I’m not sure it’s me, Billy has another inner dialogue. I don’t know who I am but I’m starting to feel good, damn good.

Devon wants to know where Collin is. Amanda’s done – excuse me, she leaves. That wasn’t a denial, Devon’s left to realize.

My Thoughts: Chelsea’s proof that love is blind. It’s ridiculous that Adam suggested she quit her job because her son’s scared. The con artist is being conned by her boyfriend and young son… If Devon was on the same page with Elena and willing to move on from his self described ‘obsession’ with Amanda, he wouldn’t be paying Chance to investigate her. And since he gave the bulk of his fortune away, how can he afford a PI? ….. If that’s the first time Sharon’s ever snapped at her daughter she’s by far a better Mom than I (though I never faked my death or got a passport in my daughter’s name, so there’s that) And how is anyone buying Sharon’s explanation that she’s suddenly overwhelmed with the stress of coffee beans? She’s been running CL’s for years. Perhaps that’s why Nick’s the only one even marginally suspicious – he knows running the coffee shop is hardly rocket science. But then again, he’s suddenly made his charity into a full-time career. Odd that he was so involved with Arturo but hasn’t even mentioned whoever replaced his former contractor. Back to Sharon – isn’t it possible that her strange mood is due to it being the 15th anniversary of Cassie’s death? … How on earth did Faith manage to say ‘I know that breakups are tough. I’m here if you want to talk’ to her Dad with a straight face? … Hello – Vikki – he’s just not that into you.