YR Spoiler; Friday, January 10th, 2020

Joined at the lips and mauling one another, Chelsea and Adam think ‘this feels right’ despite what anyone else thinks. Connor could walk in any minute; which he does to announce that he has plans, so you guys better go upstairs and get dressed; which they do.

At home, Vikki hears that Billy’s merger went through easily and wonders if he doesn’t want more of a challenge.

Sharon puts her ‘core needle biopsy’ paperwork away when Faith comes downstairs to ask her Mom about getting a new comforter for school because she left hers in the washer overnight and it went moldy. Sharon’s distracted and unusually cranky.

Stay on it – I’ll be in touch, Devon ends a call with Chance. He’s investigating whether Amanda’s connected to Collin’s scam. But that’s not all this is about, he confesses to Elena.

Indignant at the implication, Billy wasn’t whooping it up while Vikki was gone. He just enjoyed having a little space; time to reflect on his life and where he wants to take it. Vikki’s glad – she didn’t wonder what he was up to while away. In fact, she had the kids stay with her parents so Billy could sort things out. Is there something you’d like to talk about?

Sharon’s sorry for snapping – she didn’t sleep well and has a lot on her mind. Like what? Told that’s it’s about CL’s, Faith’s off to visit her Dad now. With a hug, Sharon again apologizes.

Devon tried to pretend that Amanda wasn’t getting to him but admits to Elena that she does. He intentionally went to places to confront her, which he now realizes is unhealthy. Elena doesn’t think that irrational – you’re human. You loved Hilary – I just want to help you through this. I’m here for the long haul. We’re on to bigger and better things – like the health clinic at New Hope. Being with you makes me a better person. I’m lucky to be in love with a man I respect and admire. We’ll honour Kay’s wishes and get the money back but we won’t make it the center of our lives.

Faith calls Nick – can you come get me at the ranch? There was some weirdness at Mom’s. I’ll tell you about it when you get here. Oh, and we have to go shopping.

A nervous Sharon takes one last look around her place before leaving for her appointment.

Wow – this is fantastic. Adam and Chelsea come down to find out that Connor’s set up breakfast on the coffee table. Cereal, juice and even waffles. Can we pray before we eat? All hold hands as Connor thanks the good Lord for his family, including Oliver.

Vikki’s been a bit concerned about Billy since New Year’s Eve – she’s glad he’s talking to his therapist. I’m not seeing her anymore, he informs.

Billy stopped seeing Dr Clay a couple of weeks ago – she went out of town and it was time to move on. Why didn’t you tell me? Vikki’s alarmed. Billy would rather live life than analyze it. You tried to run down Adam, Vikki reminds that he lost control of his impulses. Billy doesn’t even think about Adam anymore. Your impulses could come up some other way, she continues to fret – she’s supposed to watch for warning signs. Now you’re talking about your wild impulses – are you sure you’re perfectly fine? I’m NOT trying to fix you, she insists. Billy decides it time to go check on the kids.

Collin’s trail has been picked up in South America, Devon updates – he’s tricky, has resources and might still be working with Amanda. Chance won’t give up, he’s sure. Elena’s confident that Devon will be OK, whether or not Amanda’s involved. I love you.

Nick’s brought Faith to his place. Mom snapped at me, she adds that she apologized and blamed lack of sleep because she was thinking about work. Do you know why she’d be tense? Not really – Nick talked to Sharon yesterday about Cassie but he’s been pretty busy with New Hope. When Nick excuses himself to take a call, Faith leaves a message for her Mom.

Reassured by the nurse, Sharon tries to keep a positive attitude and not assume the worst as she obediently lays down under a paper blanket. This is a fairly non-invasive procedure – the doctor will be right in, the nurse leaves her to worry.

At Society, Devon shakes a man’s hand and welcomes him aboard. We’ll be in touch (regarding New Hope) Amanda arrives – we’re bound to run into each other, she’s unapologetic. Devon asks her to sit down to clear the air.

Back from shopping, Faith thanks her Dad for dropping everything to take her. You can be cool sometimes. I’m a cool Dad, Nick makes her cringe with lame moves and then laugh – bring it in for a hug. How’s school? Faith loves it but admits she misses her parents and feels out of the look. I know breaks up are hard, she claims. I’m here if you need to talk. You have an ex-boyfriend? A current boyfriend? Nick’s alarmed.