Monday, January 13th, 2020

At home, Billy’s on the phone as Vikki buzzes around him but otherwise pretends he’s not there. He’d would be happy to consult on future projects but has a few things going on here.

Mariah’s seated with Devon at Society. She hasn’t talked to Tessa and assumes she’s busy meeting Tanner’s band and the crew. Things change so quickly. Agreeing, Devon asks how she’s doing. Mariah’s trying to be a supportive girlfriend but isn’t that good at it.

It’s so good to see you, Sharon serves Lily. She and Jill sympathize over missing Neil – the first year’s the hardest. When Jill mentions that Cane’s looking for Collin and the money he stole, Lily’s sorry Collin hurt her again. Jill feels badly for Devon – he lost billions after I pressured him to ‘do the right thing’. Lily takes a pass on coming to Europe with her to spend time with the twins and Cane. No offence taken when she declines – Jill doesn’t blame her for moving on and dating – she’ll always consider Lily family.

Rey joins Sharon on the patio to ask what’s wrong. She’s sad about Lily and the first year of grieving her Father’s death. Rey’s full of praise – and has a proposition he hopes Sharon says ‘yes’ to.

Mariah wishes she could be happier for Tessa but misses her so much. Odd considering how reluctant she was to move in with Tessa. She’s not bothered that Tessa’s with her ex – she works with her ex after all. Devon knows Tessa misses Mariah just as much as she misses her.

On their private jet, Tanner helps Tessa organize her song list. Nothing’s set in stone – just have fun out there. Both find it surreal how far they’ve come. Tanner’s glad to have someone onboard who knows where he’s come from and who’ll kick him in the pants if he gets too full of himself.

Rey invites Sharon to come with him to Miami. She’ll come if he needs moral support but needs to talk to Nick and Faith before committing. After Rey leaves, an anxious Sharon checks her phone.

Nikki drops by Vikki’s office with a deal she just completed – I aim to please. Yes, she has time for tea. Things are going smoothly with Victor – too smoothly, she’s suspicious that he seems perfectly content. Maybe he’s done stirring things up. Vikki hopes she and Billy can get to that place one day – she’s always looking for signs that he’s relapsing.

Amanda thanks Billy for meeting her at TGP – she just wanted to see a friendly face before meeting some potential clients (who she feels Devon might stop from hiring her)

Devon updates Mariah that the net is closing around Collin. Things are going well with Elena after he took her good advice to let her in. If you want a distraction from Tessa focus on Power Communications. No, he’s not saying she’s not doing a good job.

Back on the jet, Tanner’s happy to hear that Tessa’s in a good place with Mariah.

Anxiously answering her phone, Sharon’s annoyed that it’s a telemarketer. Letting the girl behind the counter know she’s leaving, Sharon grabs her purse and exits.

When Billy relates to Amanda’s dilemma, she wonders if it’s him who’s looking to re-establish trust.