Monday, January 13th, 2020

Vikki confides in her Mom. She worries about Billy but knows he must be tired of defending himself. Nikki thinks it might be helpful to attend Billy’s therapy sessions. He isn’t going and didn’t tell me, Vikki informs. She hates feeling paranoid. It’s only paranoia if there’s no reason to worry, Nikki understands. It’s exhausting, Vikki sighs.

Lily drops by the penthouse to visit Devon. I’m here for you. Things are looking up, Devon updates that Tessa’s touring with Tanner Watts, great things are happening with New Hope and Elena. What’s going on in your life? Lily looks troubled.

Loving someone in recovery is a constant challenge, Nikki knows. Of course Vikki feels Billy’s worth it. She wants to be there for him but she’s tired. Nikki sees her side and Billy’s – once you’ve let someone down it’s hard not to feel impatient when trust doesn’t return immediately. There’s meetings Vikki can attend for support. She’ll think about it and again worries what else Billy’s hiding.

In TGP’s lounge, Billy confides in Amanda – Vikki continually asking if he’s OK makes him tense. Some people like to be needed; want us to fall apart so they can rescue us. That’s not Vikki – she doesn’t want me to fall apart, Billy talks about how busy she is – I promised I’d be her rock. And how’s that working out for you? Billy feels he’s overpromised. Talk to Vikki, Amanda encourages. Billy can’t – she’ll get this look of terror in her eyes like I’m going to let her down – and I can’t do that.

Lily entertains Devon with stories of the losers she’s dated but doesn’t think it necessary to have Chance screen her dates. When he’s vague about Cane, Lily debates whether he’s in cahoots with Collin. If so, what will you do about it?

Still on the jet, Tanner and Tessa trade song advice then strum a duet.

Lily’s furious that Devon was cheated out of his inheritance but having been in prison, wouldn’t want Cane to end up there if there’s any chance he’s innocent. What are you saying right now? Devon thinks the situations entirely different and balks at the implication that he’d protect Cane.

Billy’d rather talk to a good friend than have Vikki try to fix him. You’re not broken, Amanda reassures. With a kiss on the cheek, he thanks her and leaves.

Billy? You home? Tidying up, Vikki picks up his coat and finds a receipt for several whiskeys in the pocket.

Now at home, a nervous Sharon answers her phone – yes doctor, have my biopsy results come back???

Perfect timing, Tessa answers her phone – the plane just landed. Tanner’s been showing me the ropes. Mariah appreciates the photos – it’s cool to see the tour through her eyes. I miss you. I miss you too.

If charges are filed, work something out with Mike – give Cane a chance to redeem himself, Lily implores. If he’s involved he should come forward – Devon told Amanda the same thing. If they’re lying, neither should expect mercy.

The kids will be home soon – do you want to order dinner? Billy comes home to ask. Vikki confronts him with the receipt. Billy lies easily – he took a client to a bar near his hotel. He then calls to order Thai dinner.

I was just reading, Sharon’s startled when Rey arrives at the house to ask her to take a walk. Putting her tablet down, she falters – there’s something I need to tell you, she says.