Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

At the house, Sharon confides in Rey – I have breast cancer.

Nick chats with Chance at CL’s – he has some questions regarding his brother Adam.

At TGP, Abby’s sorry Chelsea chose Adam over her much better brother Nick but will try to keep her feelings to herself and remain professional.

Spotting Lola at Society, Theo forgoes a table for two he’s requested and instead goes to chat with her at the bar. Blathering on about tonight’s menu, Lola’s surprised when Theo excuses himself to greet a woman at the entrance with a hug.

Is that all? Yup. Business over with, Kyle thinks it time he heads to Society – see you tomorrow. Have a good night. Summer exits the CEO office and chases Kyle to the elevator – wait – that wasn’t everything – we aren’t quite through with each other yet.

Needing to discuss details for their business trip to San Fransisco next week, Summer sees no reason they can’t discuss it at Society. She’s sure Lola will make time for Kyle.

Lola’s visibly upset watching Thoe’s dinner partner flirting with him. And Theo’s watching her reaction before she huffs into the kitchen.

Flight is boarding. No time to spellcheck past here. It won’t be pretty.

Chelsea updates Abby that Connor’s afraid of her working at the hotel. After a talk with Dr Strassman he’s coming with Adam to pick her up after work. Supportive, Abby nods towards the door – Chelsea’s eyes well up with tears as Adam arrives with Connor.

Sharon found a lump in her breast New Year’s Day – saw a doctor – had a mammogram – an ultrasound – and a biopsy – and just got a call with the results. It’s a malignant tumour. I wasn’t ready for this. Rey’s glad she shared this with him – he won’t say a word – what can I do?

Nick heard rumours that Chance was up to something with Adam in Vegas and now knows he was working under cover. We crossed paths, Chance knew Adam by the name Spider. We’re not best friends. Good to know – especially since you’re seeing my little sister now. Nick declares Abby a good girl who doesn’t deserve to have her heartbroken again. Nick wants Chance to oversee a high tech security system for New Hope – his residents must feel safe but not like Big Brother’s watching them. Admiring the work Nick does, Chance looks forward to working with him.

Abby, Chelsea and Adam all reassure Connor – the man who took them hostage is in prison. Phyllis arrives to join Abby at the desk – what’s going on over there. Keep the drama to a minimum, thanks, Abby gives the bear minimum. Connor’s been through a lot, Phyllis hopes he’s OK. Abby thinks that the one thing they can all agree on.

Sharon wants Rey to be with her going to her oncologists’ appointments. She has a lot to learn before taking a step forward – has researched treatments – has a list of questions for the doctor – what stage she’s n – what her chances of survival are. Rey thinks those good questions. One step at a time and he’ll be there for every single one of them ~hug~