Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Kyle and Summer are happy to meet Leanne; she’s even more gorgeous in person. I told you she was a winner. Leanne’s not Theo’s date, Summer blows his ruse – she’s an influencer who agreed to promote Jabot products on her social media. I didn’t realize you were meeting her here, Summer chirps.

Chance asks how everyone’s doing. Good to see you buddy. He doesn’t blame Connor for being a bit nervous. I never got a chance to tell you how impressed I was with the way you handled a tense situation. I was scared, Connor admits. Chance lets him in on a secret – he was too. Thanks for helping me catch the bad guy. Yes, it’s safe – so safe I decided to live here. After Adam takes Connor on a tour, Chelsea thanks Chance. She almost lost Connor and never wants to relive that fear again.

Sharon asks Rey to stay the night. Of course ~hug~ Faith drops by to pick up her stuff before going to her Dads. I interrupted something, she detects. Rey claims they were discussing a case. Faith hopes it works out. Off to get some food, Rey will start the car up. Sharon will be out in a minute. Have a nice time at your Dads. Faith wonders if Rey’s case is all that’s going on.

Kyle kisses Lola to get her attention. He got the impression it bugged her that Theo was on a date and relieved to learn it was just a business meeting. Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. Don’t let Theo ruin your night or mine, Lola heads back to the kitchen.

Shouldn’t you be off blackmailing someone? Chelsea’s not buying Phyllis’ concern for Connor. After Nick broke up with you did you run right over to Adam? Phyllis smirks. Chelsea refuses to despise Phyllis; she feels sorry for her. Phyllis is left to drink her beverage and eyeball Chance.

Is everything OK with you guys? Faith worries. Sharon assures all is well – thanks for your concern. see you tomorrow. After her Mom leaves, Faith snoops around and reads the paper that falls out of her Mom’s tablet. Faith takes a photo then calls her Dad – meet me at Grandpa and Grandmas. Not Mom’s. I’ll tell you when I see you.

Abby praises Chance with the way he handled Connor. She believes Adam loves his son and maybe Chelsea – but loves himself the most. I’ll never trust him and you shouldn’t either. After she goes to take care of business, Phyllis appears to remark on Abby going on and on about her evil brother – you didn’t mention Adam getting you out of a jam in Vegas. Advice – don’t start a relationship with secrets unless you don’t care enough about Abby to discuss your past. Every time you see me, you always have something to say.

Dad – thank God you’re here. Nikki and Victor are out. Mom was acting weird. She and Rey ended their talk when I came in. She pretended everything’s fine but it’s not. I shouldn’t have snooped – please don’t yell at me. I need your help. What’s got you so freaked out.

Theo, a lot of buzz around this company. We’re going to San Fran next week. Theo will hold down the fort. Summer – we won’t be away long. Don’t rush it – schmoozing can make or break a deal. You’d like me out of the way, Kyle accuses. Theo will go with Summer – just say the word. Summer sends Kyle off to make sure Lola doesn’t put peanut oil in her entree. Scolds Theo – you don’t know when to stop.

In the kitchen, Kyle wants Lola to open her eyes where Theo’s concerned.

You’re blowing things out of proportion. No – he goes out of his way to antagonize me and you’re giving him a pass which encourages him even more. Lola chases Kyle out – be mad at Theo but don’t take it out on me. Summer looks over – happy? You got what you wanted. Don’t act judgy – if you had your way Kyle and Lola would be fighting over you.

Trouble’s your business. I want to hire you. You don’t want to mix business with pleasure? We’ll keep it strictly personal. Abby arrives – you’ll have to find someone else to glom onto. See you soon, she eyes Chance and sashays onto the elevator.

Connor tells his parents that he’s now OK with his Mom working here.

Faith thinks her Mom’s sick. Why would you say that? I found this. Dr Blakely – breast cancer centre. Cancer, Nick repeats.

Rey will get the plates and drinks. Go ahead- Sharon’s not hungry. She can’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Rey will be there – tomorrow and every day after that ~hug~