YR Spoiler; Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

At Nick’s, Faith doesn’t touch her breakfast and knows her Dad’s just as worried as she is. Nick doesn’t want to assume the worst – perhaps Sharon’s counseling a cancer patient.

Arriving at her office, Dr Blakely apologizes for being late – any questions? Rey at her side, Sharon insists on complete honesty. Can I beat this?

Tessa’s on the private jet having a video chat with Mariah – who pretends she’s OK with the song she and Tanner collaborated on.

Phyllis likes to think of her seat in the TGP lounge as a seat on her front porch. She has another proposition for Chance (who’s looking a little too interested when Abby arrives to watch them)

Billy’s scowling into his coffee mug on the CL’s patio when Lily arrives to put a smile on his face.

~hug~ What are you doing in town? The twins are visiting their Dad and Lily wanted to revisit memories; the good and the bad. Billy’s sorry for his role in blowing up her marriage. Lily could have done without knowing Cane was kissing Vikki while she was in prison – but she’s not angry at anyone. Prison grounded her. Lily now helps inmates turn their lives around. Billy didn’t learn anything from his stint behind bars in Myanmar. What’s the matter? Lily knows something’s bothering him.

Faith continues to fret. Please talk to Mom, she implores. OK, Nick will drop her off at the ranch and go see what’s going on. Faith hugs her Dad – she doesn’t care that her Mom will know she read her note; only terrified that she’s sick ~hug~

There’s no guarantees but Sharon has a strong chance of beating this. Your cancer measures 2.3 cm’s – stage 2. It’s growing but may not have reached the lymph nodes. The doctor alarms Sharon by recommending surgery and chemotherapy.

Surgery – a lumpectomy? Mastectomy? Sharon wonders. The doctor recommends chemotherapy to shrink the lesion and increase the chance of a lesser invasive surgery. Sharon’s diagnosis will depend on how she reacts to the chemo. There’s no advantage to having a single or double mastectomy. If necessary, surgery will be followed by reconstructive surgery. The doctor writes down the name of a book and encourages Sharon to research and be the captain of her own healthcare. Any more questions? When do we start?