Thursday, January 16th, 2020

At Society’s bar, Mariah’s moping over a photo of Tessa that’s been posted online when she gets a text from Sharon asking her to come to the house. Everything OK? We’ll talk when you get here. Bumping into Nikki on her way out, a distracted Mariah’s asked if she’s OK. I hope so, she exits. Nikki takes a seat with Vikki – who wanted to do this in public so she wouldn’t lose her mind. What’s this? (she’s handed a receipt for two whiskeys) It’s the lie I found in Billy’s pocket.

At the bar, Billy tells Amanda that he ran into an old friend who’s soul searching has made him realize that he needs to be honest with Amanda. I lied about us again – this time to Vikki.

Victor’s so glad that Adam and Chelsea could make it to the ranch for dinner. Connor’s in the games room and Nikki’s running an errand but will be there shortly. Family means everything to him. Adam wants Connor to feel connected to the Newmans but we’re a package deal; accept all of us or get none of us.

You’ve got this, Rey encourages Sharon. Faith comes in to hug her Mom and apologize for snooping. You have nothing to apologize for, Sharon reassures Faith that once she hears the whole story she might not worry so much. In the background, Nick and Rey watch Mother and daughter hug again.

Vikki has no proof that Billy lied but she looked up the bar – it’s more a place to meet your demons than a client. Billy’s hiding something and Vikki plans to talk to him about it later. Nikki encourages her to listen, be on Billy’s side – don’t judge him.

Over drinks and the ever-present bowl of peanuts, Amanda opines that if Billy can’t be honest with Vikki about their friendship, he needs to ask himself why. She’d like to know the answer too.

Sharon tells Faith that she has cancer; it’s a scary word but there’s treatments available and it was caught before it could spread. The tumour will be treated with drugs then surgically removed when it’s small enough. Are you going to die? Faith can take it – please don’t lie to me. I’m not going anywhere, Sharon promises. Yes, she’s a bit scared too but has a lot of support and a good prognosis. Faith has a friend at school whose Mom lost all her hair but she’s better now. When Faith goes upstairs, Nick reassures Sharon – you did good. She’ll do this one kid at a time. Mariah arrives – if this is about Tessa, I’m fine. You all look like someone’s died. Increasingly nervous, Mariah doesn’t want to sit – you’re scaring me.

What’d I miss? Nikki’s updated on Connor’s progress. Adam and Chelsea haven’t decided whether to send him back to Walnut Grove. Victor will stay out of it and recalling that Adam was determined to return to Vegas, he’s proud that he’s now putting his sons’ needs first. When Adam and Chelsea go to get Connor from the games room, Nikki knows Victor’s words were sincere but don’t forget that Adam’s happiness with Chelsea comes at Nick’s expense. Victor won’t forget.