Friday, January 17th, 2020

As Jack tells Kyle that Lola’s a genius (her food truck saved the day) Theo leans in to agree. He’s making an effort, you should too, Jack chides Kyle. He then asks Jill what she thinks if Theo – he’s trouble; charm, looks – the kid’s dangerous. Yes, in a good way. He makes quite the addition to the family.

Chance and Abby are now at CL’s (the lead singer of the club they were going to got laryngitis) What are the odds? Still having a good time, Chance puts a song on the jukebox. She’s surprised he’s staying in town. Both feel a connection to GC. Chance then pulls Abby up for a dance.

Sharon winds the card game 96-21. Thank you for making me laugh.

Back at TGP, Chance invites Abby upstairs for a nightcap. Phyllis arrives to see them get on the elevator.

Wrapped in each others arms, Tessa explains that she didn’t take Mariah’s calls because she would have blurted out the secret. She detects something’s wrong with her.

Sharon’s tired and feels bad about dragging Rey into all this. We’re in this together, he vows – then goes to get something; I’ll be right back.

Mariah doesn’t feel this information (that’s troubling her) is hers to share. Is it serious? No, it’s fine – nothing to worry about – we’ll talk about it next time you’re home – when will that be? Tessa’s not sure. Mariah admits to worrying Tessa won’t come back. That won’t happen, Tessa promises – that’s crazy talk. I’m crazy, Mariah jokes. Both hungry, they grab leftover take out from the fridge. Tessa’s phone goes off – it’s Tanner = the jet’s leaving soon.

Summer and Lola praise themselves for saving the evening. Society ad Jabot are both getting tagged in photos posted online. It’s official, you’re bad-ass, Summer smiles. Jack hands the mic off to his co-CEO. Kyle thanks and praises Summer – and Theo; I expect him to show us what he’s capable of. And to the whole team – all applaud. Summer watches as Kyle marches towards the kitchen – where he finds Theo and Lola. What’s wrong with you? she yelps when Kyle throws a punch that puts Theo on the ground.

Are you OK? Lola helps Kyle up. What the hell’s wrong with you? she again asks Kyle. We done here? Theo walks out. Summer stops him at the bar – what happened in there? How far are you willing to take this? Thanking Jack for a great night, Theo leaves. Back in the kitchen, Lola blasts Kyle – you let Theo get into your head – again. Kyle thinks it obvious what Theo’s doing – I see him for who he is. Lola protests – He’s not like you – he grew up poor – he’s not a blue blood. You can never see his pint of view. But you can, Kyle’s pissed.

The fire alarm’s gone off but the firefighters can’t find a fire. Coming down in her fluffy white robe, Phyllis suggests someone pulled the alarm as a prank. If someone did, they’d be covered in blue dye, Chance states. Phyllis shows him her hands – satisfied or do you need to see more? she pulls her robe down a bit.

Abby rejoins Chance and Phyllis to say it’s a false alarm. Nightcap? Phyllis’ offer declined she leaves Abby and Chance to share a kiss before she has to get back to work – rain-check, Chance agrees. Drinking wine at the bar, Phyllis smirks (and reveals rubber gloves in her pocket)

Maybe Theo has a thing for me like Summer does for you – but I trust you. Kyle doesn’t see the comparison – Theo’s playing you and you’re doing nothing to discourage him. Kyle walks out.

This is not goodbye. Mariah can’t wait to come to a show. Getting a text, Tessa has to leave. Exchanging a kiss and I love you’s, she leaves.

Rey returns with something to cheer Sharon up – Faith. She’ll even watch a rom-com ~hug~