Friday, January 17th, 2020

At TGP, Phyllis thinks Abby a little overdressed. I have a date with Chance, Abby announces. Phyllis is many things, desperate isn’t one of them. Abby’s not insecure and has told Chance if he wants to jump into the fire, go for it/ Chance arrives – you two look like you belong on the top of a cake, Phyllis quips as she walks off. Abby’s ready for whatever this date his in store.

Summer and Summer are butting heads over the party Jabot’s throwing at Society that night. Theo comes along with jokes that go over better with Lola than Summer. Jack and Kyle arrive to see her laughing with Theo.

Lola thinks the Abbott men are looking very dashing this evening. After she returns to the kitchen, Jack thanks Summer for making the arrangements and hopes Kyle will say a few words to rally the troops. Kyle will let everyone know how he feels about their work. Lola pulls Summer aside – we have a problem.

Rey brings out a huge bowl of popcorn. Faith’s staying at her Dad’s, Sharon informs – she doesn’t care what they watch on TV – she’s just happy to be with Rey.

Mariah’s wondering why Tessa didn’t answer her call when Tessa surprises her at the apartment.

In the kitchen, Lola informs Summer that she had to shut off the electricity due to a faulty wire – a generator’s running the lights but she can’t cook. They decide on a plan to move the party to Lola’s food truck outside – Summer will get some heating lamps.

As guests begin to arrive, Kyle takes exception to Theo’s casual tone with his staff. When Jill arrives, Jack introduces her to Stuart’s grandson. He was a good man – she takes Theo off for some stories.

How long can you stay? Mariah needs to know. A few hours. We should make the most of it ~kiss~

Phyllis is surprised to see Chance and Abby back so soon. There was a mix up with their reservation so they stopped for a burger. They’re there for a quick drink then off to a club for some dancing. Have fun, Phyllis sashays off.

Deciding to play Gin Rummy, Rey and Sharon both claim to be sharks.