Monday, January 20th, 2020

Rey surprises Sharon with an early morning delivery of donuts. Yes, she’s OK with Faith transferring to Walnut Grove but hates the reason why.

Having talked to the principal, Nick updates Faith that she’ll be starting her next semester at Walnut Grove. When Nick offers to take Faith back to her old school to pick up her stuff, Mariah steps in to say that’s not a great idea.

Elena’s giving Nate the royal treatment at CL’s – which leads him to believe she’s about to ask him a favour.

At the ranch, Nikki has something important to say; news about Newman Enterprises that’ll make Victor very happy.

Billy comes downstairs to comment that Vikki had a late night last night and now an early morning. His ‘I love you’ isn’t reciprocated – Vikki seems eager to get to work.

Mariah would like to take Faith to pack up her old room – take her friends out to dinner then spend the night in a hotel. Faith’s cool with that – and her Dad should be here for Christian and Mom.

Sharon feels guilty. Faith’s not making a sacrifice, Rey points out. Sharon’s overwhelmed – everything now revolves around her and her disease. Nothing is more important to Rey than Sharon – who thinks his phone ringing is the universe reminding them that life goes on.

The 50th anniversary of NE will be an epic celebration; the company you started from scratch is an empire. Nikki wants to pay tribute to the man who created this legacy and the family who adores him – that’s your greatest achievement.

Now’s not the time, Vikki has a meeting. Fine – let’s get it all out in the open, she drops her jacket, purse etc. on the sofa and looks ready to rumble.

Elena just wants to pick Nate’s brain about the New Hope medical clinic. How about a mobile unit until it’s built? Nate thinks that an outstanding idea (and not surprised to hear that it came to her in the shower) Coming over to say Hi, Amanda’s surprised when Elena invites her to join them.

Duty calls – Rey feels guilty that he has to leave. Sharon’s fine with it – she gets to eat his donut. Rey will be back later to take Sharon for a romantic walk ~kiss~

At the ranch, Victor and Nikki are excited but suspicious when Nick and Mariah inform that Faith’s transferring to Walnut Grove. When Nikki asks to tag along, Mariah diplomatically says it’s sister time.

Elena blathers on about what a wonderful man Devon is – then goes to run some errands before her shift starts. That leaves a curious Amanda with a question to ask Nate.