YR Spoiler; Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

Chelsea’s surprised to find Adam on his laptop in TGP’s lounge. He’s planning their future – look what I just bought. Chelsea looks stunned by whatever’s on the laptop.

Theo eavesdrops outside Jack’s door as he praises the deal Kyle and Summer have been assigned. I clearly picked the right team for this trip – go get em! Jack’s ‘inspired’.

Good to see you Fen, Lola seats him with Devon at Society. It IS great to have you back healthy and alert, Devon doesn’t need an apology for Fen screwing up his LP tour. He’s just glad Fen’s kicked his addiction and will get him back on the road with everything he needs; sobriety coach, counselling etc. Fen’s dreams can still come true – we’ve got club dates lined up. Fen appreciates that but has to pass.

Chance Chancellor, man of mystery, Phyllis guesses he’s at TGP to see the effervescent Abby. No – she’s busy with work. That’s the equivalent of ‘I have to wash my hair tonight’ Phyllis jokes. I, on the other hand, am totally free. As she continues to throw herself at him, Chance finally asks – are you asking me out on a date?

Adam’s bought a tech company that makes video games – Connor can be their game tester. Chelsea approves – but why is Adam camping out at TGP? Because he wants to be close-by for Connor’s first day at his new school. No call from the principal is a good sign – both hope he can be a happy normal kid. Time for Chelsea to pick Connor up – but first a kiss. Arriving, Chloe looks sickened.

On her way out, Chelsea stops by the bar to chat with Chloe – who thinks it insane that she’s back with Adam. Come along to pick Connor up from school – bring Bella. Declaring Adam the devil, Chloe sighs. Are you in or what? Chelsea grins.

Seated in the lounge, Chance denies he’s playing hard to get – he’s considering his options. Do you have a problem with women asking you out? Phyllis asks. Or the word ‘date’? Or maybe it’s loyalty to Abby? She told me that she encouraged you to satisfy your curiosity. She said that to you? Chance is surprised. Pick me up at my place at 7 tomorrow, Phyllis instructs. Make it 8. OK – see you then, Phyllis leaves Adam to approach Chance – what was that about? We have a problem, Chance reports – it’s not about Phyllis. She’s missing – completely fallen off the radar.

Fen’s sure this is what he wants – he doesn’t think he’s ready to pick up where he left off – trying to kill himself with drugs. He can’t put himself back in that scene (but is grateful Devon was willing to take a chance on him) My sobriety has to come first. Devon’s proud of him and when the time’s right there’ll always be a place for you at LP. When Lauren and Mike arrive to hear the news, Devon leaves them to reassure Fen that he made the right decision. It’ll be nice to see you more often. It would have been nice – but … I’m moving to Nashville.

Jack’s proud that Summer and Kyle work so well together and do a good job of representing Jabot. They’ll text Jack as soon as they have word on the deal. As they exit the office, Theo assures Kyle that he’ll hold down the fort. I’ll be counting on you to do just that, Kyle shakes Theo’s hand as Summer looks worried.

Back at TGP, Chance grills Adam – do you know something that I don’t about our missing friend in Vegas who’s fallen off the grid?? Everything’s under control, Adam knows she’ll surface soon – she has a check to cash. What check? The one Adam takes care of every month. Chance doesn’t like the sound of that – and neither does Chelsea (watching intently from across the lounge)

Why am I just now hearing that you’re paying her? Chance is pissed. You worry too much – Adam covered his tracks – everything’s under control. She’ll get back on the grid when she needs the money. You better be right, Chance warns – we need to know where she is.

Theo appreciates the confidence Kyle has in him – he’s sure they’ll crush it in San Francisco – take some time to squeeze in some fun, he concludes. At the elevator, Summer asks – who are you and what have you done with Kyle? He’s decided to take her and Lola’s advice to not let Theo get under his skin. Getting on the elevator, Summer likes this new Kyle.

Chelsea and Connor join Chloe and Bella at CL’s. Sent in to pick a song on the jukebox, both Mom’s are ecstatic when the kids go inside holding hands. Left on the patio, Chloe expresses hope that she has another girl. Does Connor know about his eyes? No – but we have this ritual ‘Magic Eyes’ when he has a bad dream, Chelsea explains. Chloe thinks it special that Connor’s looking at Bella’s sister through her eyes. Cue the awkward silence when Adam arrives on the patio.

At TGP, Phyllis notices that Summer’s wearing her lucky necklace. Swearing her Mom to secrecy, Summer confides that closing this deal would be huge for Kyle. Reminded that Kyle’s married and she’s not interested in him, Phyllis knows that if Summer went for him, she could get him back – just like that ~finger snap~

Moping behind the bar, Lola confides in Devon that she and Kyle had a big fight. You’ll get past it – go make it up to him, Devon advises. Kyle appears – do you have time to talk before I leave on my trip? Of course – why wouldn’t I? Lola replies.

Also at Society, Fen tells his parents that he needs a fresh start – he’s already got a job in a recording studio in Nashville. It’ll be good for me – I can feel it. Lauren looks worried.

Why is Adam here? Chloe’s assured that this isn’t a set up. Adam just came for hot chocolate with Connor – he didn’t expect a crowd. Introduced to Bella, Adam compliments her jacket. Chloe and Adam go inside to exchange words. You’re a heartless bastard, Chloe should have left him to die in the street. Adam then realizes she was the one who pushed him out of the way of Billy’s car. Yes, I saved your sorry ass and now you owe me, Chloe huffs off.

Jack’s invited Theo to his office for a chat about the friction between him and Kyle. He has his way of doing things, I have mine – it’s a clash of styles, Theo downplays. You goad him into reacting, – keep poking him with a sharp stick and Kyle’s bound to react. Jack’s also had this talk with Kyle and doesn’t want to have to speak to either again. You won’t, Theo assures.

Kyle and Lola address the tension between them – we’re out of sync and it’s driving Lola crazy. Kyle hates leaving with things so unsettled between them. We’ll talk it out when you get back, Lola sends him off with a kiss. I love you, Lola says after Kyle’s out of earshot.

Back at TGP bar, Summer insists she doesn’t want Kyle back. But OK, I’ll bite – how would I get him back? Phyllis goes back a few years – Kyle was so in love with you that he hooked up with someone the polar opposite of you; Lola. Kyle’s convincing himself that he loves Lola – the love he had for you didn’t go away. You’re ten times the woman Lola is and Kyle knows that. You’re still in love with him. Don’t you dare be second best.

Fen would love his parents to come help him get settled in Nashville. Mom? Mike jokes that she’s tearing up at the thought of him singing country songs All hold hands across the table and exchange I love you’s.

At CL’s, Adam’s still trying to wrap his head around Chloe being the one to save him. I was saving Billy, she claims – and if you hurt Chelsea again …. Adam vows to make Chelsea and Connor safe and happy. Look at those kids (dancing on the patio) They’ll always be connected, Chloe agrees. We’re all connected, Adam corrects – whether we want it or not. Stop pretending you’re human and carry your own hot chocolate, Chloe marches to the patio. Chelsea makes a beeline inside to Adam to ask how things went with Chloe – but she’s more interested in what Adam and Chance were up to back at the hotel????

Adam wouldn’t call his conversation with Chance ‘intense’. Is there anything you need to tell me? Chelsea asks – then is satisfied with a simple no and a kiss. On the patio, Bella whines that Connor has more marshmallows in his hot chocolate. He offers to give her on. You guys better get used to seeing a lot of each other, she looks inside; not happy to see Adam and Chelsea kissing.

Theo skulks into Society, watches Lola and after an inner struggle, leaves.

Summer thanks her Mom – I heard you (don’t be second choice with Kyle) All set? Kyle comes in to take Summer’s luggage. Bye – Phyllis gives her a hug. Ready to go conquer the world? Ky;e asks as they leave Phyllis to look concerned.