Monday, January 27th, 2020

Teased about Lola, Theo claims that he told her to give Summer a break; it’s hard to let go of a first love. She’s kind and authentic – wasn’t born with a silver spoon in her mouth like everyone else around here. Theo suggests they give it another shot; sex would distract him. It’d be great. For you, Summer refuses.

Lola’s about to leave with Kyle when Arturo calls to say their Mom broke her ankle. Kyle’s OK with tabling their big discussion. Go work – it’ll be a good distraction. Our talk can wait.

Her paperwork now neatly in binders, Sharon expresses her love for Mariah – no matter what ~hug~ Nick stops by with some research he did online. Sharon’s touched by his thoughtfulness but is happy with the doctors she already has. After Nick leaves, Sharon whines – she doesn’t want to be a patient everyone needs to tend to.

Hanging up, Abby updates Phyllis that maintenance is busy but will get to her as soon as they can. She’ll have a bottle sent up to her room. Phyllis would rather hang out in the lounge. I bet you’re good with these hands, Phyllis mauls Chance – wanna come upstairs and check on my plumbing? Chance stammers – wow and excuses himself to take a call – I hope we’re on for later. Phyllis wouldn’t miss it for the world. That leaves Abby to assure Phyllis that Chance will realize what an airhead she is on their date.

There’s still no sign of the target? Keep looking. Chance hangs up as an eavesdropping Phyllis walks away.

At Society Mariah tells Nick that she was thinking about moving in with Sharon but who needs a helicopter kid, right? – she’ll ask for help if she needs it. Maybe that’s something we should all keep in mind, she drops enough hints that Nick asks what’s going on? Did Sharon say I was going overboard?

Summer’s surprised to find Kyle in the office – I figured you’d be with Lola. Something came up. What? I dunno. Things were tense and awkward. We were on our way home to clear the air when she got a call from her Mom. Clear the air? Summer’s alarmed – were you going to tell her that I kissed you?

Phyllis was going to invite him to have some champagne with her – she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but heard him say ‘I’m on it’. Does this have to do with Devon’s case? Vegas? No, she doesn’t want to talk about boring work stuff. I’m sure there’s something more interesting we can do.

Kyle went on and on about business to the point of leaving Summer out of the story – then went on and on about Summer. Things got awkward with Lola. No, he wasn’t going to tell her about the kiss. I love Lola and want my marriage back on track. Theo listens outside – you said everything you needed to say and nothing’s changed for me. It’s best for all of us if we forget what happened in San Francisco.

Nick admits that he does tend to overcompensate. Sharon will let us know if she needs us, Mariah’s rewarded with a drink. Nick appreciates her saving him from making a mistake. Thanks for keeping me in line. Team Sharon!

Chance knows he’ll have to keep his wits about him when it comes to Phyllis and agrees she’ll be worth his wait. Taking the towel off her head, Phyllis tosses it at him and slithers off – as Abby looks horrified.

As Theo listens, Summer apologizes. Let’s put it in a vault, throw away the key and never think about it again.