Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

My PVR didn’t record the show so I caught the tail end of a later broadcast. A dear friend Meghan has provided a recap, so I’ll post hers – then what I managed to watch.

Meghan’s synopsis (thank you!!)

Victoria stops by the ranch to confide in her mother about her problems with Billy. She tells Nikki Billy has been sneaking around her back meeting Amanda in a dive bar and confided in her. Nikki tells Victoria she has two choices. They discuss Victoria’s situation and Nikki tells Victoria that she either has to distance herself from Billy’s issues or confront him. When Victor arrives home and finds out Victoria was there he tells Nikki he hoped that she told Victoria to dump Billy. Nikki points out Billy is the father of Victoria’s children and she loves him. Victoria goes on a rant about Billy calling him quite a few names. Nikki says whatever they may think of Billy she does not want him to say those things about Billy to Victoria. Later when Victor is alone his private investigator arrives and shows him pictures of Billy with Amanda. He also tells Victor he has some information on Amanda but we don’t hear what it is.

Sharon sees something on line about breast cancer that scares her. She sends Rey a text that she needs to get out of the house. She arrives at Grand Phoenix and joins Phyllis at the bar who is waiting for Chance. Phyllis makes some snarky comments to Sharon who does not take the bite and responds with kindness. Phyllis is taken aback and asks what has she done with the real Sharon. Later Nick arrives while Sharon is in the ladies room. Phyllis tells him about how nice Sharon had been to her and wants to know what is going on with her. Nick says Sharon is always nice but Phyllis says not to her. Sharon returns and she and Nick leave.

Chelsea and Adam have a date night. He suggests they move to Paris. He gets a phone call and leaves the table. Chelsea approached Nick and said she hoped they can get pass the awkwardness. Nick says he can deal with her being with Adam. He just hopes Adam won’t break her heart again. Chelsea mentioned Adam wants to move to Pari When Adam joins them Chelsea says she wants to go home. She goes to wait for Adam in the car and he asks Nick what he said to her. Nick suggests it would be good for Chelsea and Connor if Adam moved them out of town so they would not have to deal with the issues everyone in GC has with Adam. When they get home Adam and Chelsea discuss moving to Paris. Later Chelsea overhears Adam talking to Chance on the phone and he says someone is asking questions.

While at a dive bar Billy text Amanda to ask if she was coming to the bar. She responded no. At home Billy and Victoria rehash their issues. Billy insists he is fine and does not need therapy to fix him. He feels Victoria does not accept him for who he is. She says that is not true. But he is showing all the signs of a relapse. She talks about all the times she believed him when he said he was in control and things blew up. Billy said he cannot live this way and decides to move out.


The last third of the show I caught:

Back at Society, Chelsea tells Adam that everything’s fine – she was just telling Nick about their dinner at the ranch with Victor and Nikki. She’d like to go home now. We haven’t had dessert yet honey, he whines. When Chelsea insists, Adam sends her ahead then asks Nick what he hell he said to her. I told her that I wanted her to be happy and there’s a better chance of that far away from here, Nick explains. You’d like that huh? Adam scoffs. It was Chelsea’s idea, slick. Nick believes Chelsea and Connor deserve a life free of Adam’s past.