Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

Victor comes home after dinner to ask Nikki how Traci’s novel is. Hearing Vikki stopped by to discuss Billy, Victor declares him a useless man. I hope you told her to kick that punk to the curb.

You said you loved our life together, Vikki pouts – you’re only pretending? No – Billy feels they’ve just fallen into a pattern. You reach out and try to help me. I withhold info to protect you. We need to try a different approach. Vikki balks at not being able to voice her concerns? You told me not to worry about your gambling. It became a problem. You’re addicted to risk; playing with fire. She lists the signs that Billy’s relapsing – quitting therapy, sneaking around with Amanda. mood swings – defensiveness, lying – keeping secrets, not sleeping. Billy refuses to walk on eggshells – afraid Vikki will overreact. Fine – where does that leave us? she asks.

Nikki tells Victor to think of the grandchildren. Victor’s sure it’s only a matter of time before he lets them down (but will take no joy in being right) Our brilliant, successful daughter with this juvenile delinquent punk. It pisses me off. She loves Billy, Nikki reminds then goes to make tea.

Vikki continues her appeal – if you won’t get help for me – do it for the kids and yourself. Billy will always be there for his kids. You can’t accept me for who I am – and I can’t fit into the mold you want me to. Vikki can’t help Billy if he doesn’t want to be helped. Maybe you just don’t want me. Billy’s tired of trying to be someone he’s not. He could say what Vikki wants to hear – but would you even believe me?

At the penthouse, Chelsea comes down to report that Connor’s sound asleep. You were right – nothing to worry about. Adam asks what she said to Nick about leaving town. He thinks it a great idea. We can be in Paris by Valentine’s Day. His return to the business world? He can to that from France. Connor can go to school there. Let’s book a flight now and figure it out when we get there. You’d upend your life on a whim of mine? Chelsea seems surprised. You and Connor are my life, Adam vows – Wherever you are is my home ~kiss~

At TGP, Phyllis tells Nick that Sharon’s in the ladies room. What’s going on with her? She’s being kind and sincere. Sharon’s always like that, Nick shrugs. Not to me – and it’s freaking Phyllis out. Nick has something for Sharon. Going to fetch her coat, she politely thanks Phyllis for keeping her company. Take care. Phyllis is left puzzled.

Sharon and Rey are at her place saying it was so nice of Nick to get take out for them. Sharon admits to making the mistake of going online and seeing a bit too much information that she. can’t shake. It was good to get out – see people living their lives; excited about their futures. That’s going to be you too, Rey gives her a hug. Sharon hopes so.

Adam calls Chance. My guy finally heard from her. She’s starting to ask questions so I wanted to give you a heads up. Chelsea hovers on the staircase.

What’s so urgent that Victor’s PI had to come out to the ranch so late at night? He got access to Amanda Sinclair’s text messages. She’s involved with someone in your family. Who? Victor looks at a photo of Amanda with Billy. How long? Since before Christmas. There’s something else you should know about Ms Sinclair, the PI adds.

Billy brings his suitcase down and shrugs into his coat. Wait – Vikki stands to give him a weepy hug before he leaves.