Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Vikki’s tucked the kids into bed at the ranch and thanks her Mom for letting them stay the night. Victor’s out working on NE’s 50th anniversary gala – but will have the same questions Nikki has when he gets home.

Ok, not exactly where you wanted to be (a suite at TGP) Billy says inside his head – but here you are, so now what?

Summer’s officially ‘toast’ – wanna walk out with me? Kyle gets a text from Lola – she’s working later than she thought. No, he’ll just stick around and wait for his Dad. Hearing that Lola’s working late, Summer tells him to do whatever he needs to do to make himself happy – that’s all she wants. See you tomorrow. In the hallways, she looks through the window with longing – but exits without Kyle leaning back in his chair to look equally unhappy.

Abby teases Chance about being all spiffied up for his big date. Sorry to keep you waiting, Phyllis appears. Have a wonderful evening – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, Abby quips. Phyllis had arranged dinner but has something else in mind.

Vikki tried to make her and the kids sleeping at the ranch an adventure – she can’t face the fact that Billy’s never coming back. It’s over, Mom.

Billy takes a seat at his usual table. Here you are again but this time you have nothing to feel guilty about – no more hiding or lying to Vikki. He looks over at card game in progress.

Phyllis had reservations at a French bistro but thought it a better idea to come to Society for apps and drinks – just in case their date doesn’t go well. They joke about lame excuses they’ve used to get out of a date. Both think they’ll go the distance. Phyllis is pleased to be away from Abby and Adam; who she won’t interrogate him about. Yes, Chance does have a hard believing she doesn’t have an ulterior motive for asking him out.

Nikki thinks Vikki made the right decision; for her and the kids. Vikki knows it’s just a matter of time before Billy gets in trouble – it’s just a matter or when and where.

The guys playing card aren’t eager to let Billy play with them again – he won last time and left without giving them a chance to win back their money. I play where I want, Billy has no intention of leaving.

On the CL’s patio, Summer reliving her kiss with Kyle – and him saying it’s already forgotten.

That’s crazy – you’ve lived such a colourful life, Phyllis laughs at Chance’s escapades – the tries to get info on Vegas out of him. OK, Chance will tell her – but the story might put her to sleep. He tells the tale; he and Adam were walking down the street when they came across a guy they thought was Wayne Newton. It wasn’t – so they went for sliders. Phyllis’ phone pings. Sorry, I have to cut this date short – it’s my daughter. Summer’s asked her Mom to meet her on the CL’s patio.

Jack tries to shoo Kyle out of the office to spend time with Lola. She’s working late too. Kyle doesn’t fool his Dad. He knows something’s wrong – let’s talk about it. Kyle thinks he’s screwing up his marriage.

I wasn’t much of a date was I? Phyllis WILL find out about Vegas. Before leaving, she gives him a kiss that leaves an impression.