Wednesday, January 29th, 2020

Vikki worries she’s been wearing blinders – was any of it real? Nikki assures it was. But now it’s over, Vikki mopes.

Amanda arrives at the bar to find Billy with a black eye and cops taking statements from the card players. There’ll be charges, she warns. Billy wants to settle and make this go away. You’ll be booked – Amanda will follow him to the station and bail him out. Handing her his beer, Billy’s handcuffed.

Over drinks in the office, Jack encourages Kyle to confide what’s bothering him. You’re out of sync – it’s a marital rut that every couple goes through after the honeymoon phase. Kyle has a knot in his stomach. Before going to San Francisco, Lola and I said all the right things but it seemed empty. Yes, he talked to Summer. She asked if I was happy. Kyle now worried he made a huge mistake.

Phyllis joins Summer on the patio to say she had at date but made a dramatic exit. Summer warns that what she has to say could take while.

Victor arrives as Nikki’s giving her daughter a pep talk. He’s sorry Billy’s disappointed her and kids but not surprised.

Bringing Billy to his hotel suite, Amanda’s sorry to hear that he and Vikki broke up. He’s just glad he’s not in jail (thanks to Amanda) She has something she needs to tell him. That was a quick date, Abby’s surprised when Chance arrives at the TGP. How about a nightcap?

On the patio, Summer spells out what happened with Kyle in San Francisco. I kissed him and he pulled away. Phyllis is annoyed – I warned you not to take second place. If Kyle and Lola blow up THEN see where you stand. Summer’s not sure she can do that – not anymore.

At Jabot, Kyle relays what Summer said to him on their trip. Lola might not be happy either. Go ask her, Jack encourages. Is there some reason you don’t want to talk to her – like Summer? You two have a lot of history. Jack speaks from experience – maybe you’re not over her.

As Billy ices his eye, Amanda can’t help feeling she bears some blame – being the person he confided in. Billy protests – you opened my eyes to what I was missing; someone to listen to me – not look at me like a man in need of fixing. It’s not going to work with Vikki no matter how much we love each other. Going forward, he plans to make everything about living.

Vikki tells her parents that her and Billy’s break up was a quiet admission that it was over. He should have fought for you – you deserve better, Victor invites her and the kids to stay as long as they like. When Victor excuses himself, Nikki follows – don’t go after Billy. Victor’s not – where he’s going is none of Nikki’s business. Don’t worry, he gives her a kiss and leaves.

Drinks in hand, Abby can’t help but wonder why Chance’s dated ended so early. Phyllis’ daughter needed her. But why are we talking about her?

Lola’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Kyle and he’s going home to tell her that. Jacks left to look worried.

Back on the patio, Summer whines – she’s tried to be the good ex – made nice with Lola and tried to move on. But you were right Mom – I’m still in love with Kyle. And he still has feelings for me. We have a connection. I have to see where it takes us. Phyllis is not on-board but she wouldn’t let anyone talk her out of something she wanted either. Do what you have to do – I support you either way.

Victor coaches Vikki as she punches his hands. Oh baby! Come here – I adore you, he hugs his weepy daughter.

Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine, Billy assures – he’s grateful for Amanda being there to talk to. I better go, she tells him not to worry about the charges – try get some sleep, she hurries out.