Thursday, January 30th, 2020

Sharon tells Faith that she’s having a port installed to deliver her chemo meds. No big deal – Faith can help her Mom by having a great day at school. Time to go, Nick announces. Mariah’s completed Sharon’s to do list – the car’s gassed up etc. Sharon orders Mariah to go to work and have a good day. Rey will be taking Sharon in for the procedure. She thanks Nick for letting her handle this her own way.

In TGP lounge, Chance finishes an interview with a potential employee. Abby’s impressed that he’s going from a one man show to a highly skilled team. Phyllis appears in the background to watch.

Chance inform Abby that Nick’s hired him to set up security at New Hope. She hopes he won’t be too busy for extracurricular activities. Phyllis interrupts – last night was amazing, she apologizes for the interruption – I hope I managed to make it worth your while. Summer’s fine – she’ll get through – we always do. Pursing her lips, Phyllis sashays away.

Mariah leaves Tessa a message expressing how much she misses her. Have fun – I love you – see you soon ~click~ Approaching Society’s bar, she’s surprised to see a familiar face. Lyndsay! What are you doing here?! Hey you – small world, Lyndsay smiles.

On their way to another gig on his private jet, Tessa awakens to Tanner’s strumming. She appreciates him making her dreams come true.

Sharon ends a call with a concerned Noah. She’s blessed to have so much support. After Nick leaves with Faith, Rey praises the job Sharon’s doing. She’s ready to get this show on the road – let’s go.

My best friends’ wife is the chef, Mariah explains. Did you stop tending bar at the Matchbox? Lyndsay hopes the classier clientele at Society will mean better tips. Ordering an iced coffee, Mariah quips that her daytime persona is tamer than her night time one. Left alone, she looks at her phone – disappointed that Tessa hasn’t replied.

On the jet, Tessa and Tanner make beautiful music together as they strum and singalong.

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At CL’s, Rey tries to coerce Sharon into letting someone else take over for a bit. She loves that he’s concerned – but go do your job and I’ll do mine. Giving Sharon a kiss on his way out, Rey lingers when Phyllis arrives to bark our her order. When Sharon waves him away, Rey makes a call – we need to talk.

Probed by a curious Abby, Chance declares Phyllis 90% flash and glitter – she’s complicated. We didn’t… he makes it clear. He’s curious how far Abby’s willing to take this.

Her meeting over, Mariah returns to the bar to gush to Lyndsay to gush about Tessa. You’re hiding something, Lyndsay guesses. It’s complicated, Mariah’s told to ‘spill’.

Caught offguard by Sharon being so nice to her, Phyllis catches a glimpse of the bandage revealed when she bends over to refill her mug. Did you get a tattoo? Yes – Rey’s badge number, Sharon lies and leaves in a hurry.

No, Rey hasn’t summoned Paul to Society to discuss a recent case. He’s hoping to lighten his load by handing off some of his cases. You need a break – Paul gets that – aren’t you going to tell me what it’s about?

Tanner finds Tessa knitting a scarf for Mariah. He confides that his girlfriend’s more the designer-label type – nothing like you – she’s uh… regular. You’re offbeat enough for both of you, Tessa quips. We make it work, Tanner doesn’t look convinced.

Mariah has a friend who has a secret and wants to take care of everything herself. Lyndsay asks if this person she’s protecting is good. Yes. Then keep her and her secret safe. Everyone should have a bad-ass like you in their corner.

Faith runs in to ask her Mom how her day went. Sharon shushes her when Phyllis comes over for a refill. Smiling at her and Faith, Phyllis returns to her seat to send Chance a text saying that last night was just a preview of how much fun their second date will be. She watches Nick come in to hug Sharon. When he comes over, Phyllis notes that he only had eyes for Sharon. I know what’s going on. The way you guys are hovering all over her – she’s going through a major health crisis. OMG, I’m right.