Friday, January 31st, 2020

Vikki’s working to distract herself from Billy when Nikki arrives at her office – with news about Billy.

On the CL’s patio, Amanda also has news – she’s quietly settled with all parties and Billy won’t face any charges for the bar brawl. No, he’s not banned from there but should probably steer clear until they’ve fixed the damage he did. Trying to persuade Amanda to stay for five more minutes, Billy asks if they aren’t friends anymore.

Lola’s surprised to find Kyle working from home. Both seem mildly disappointed and awkward. And when Billy says he’s too busy to take a break and be food taster, Lola will try not to take it personally.

At Jabot, Summer’s freaking out about one of Theo’s influencers doing an unboxing video at a cemetery and posting it online. It’s not artsy, it’s tacky and in poor taste – take it down! Typing furiously on his phone, Theo reports that it’s gone. They then bicker about Kyle and Lola. He knows what happened in San Francisco – or what didn’t – that’s the story right?

Nothing’s changed between us – Amanda’s just in professional mode. Billy wants to clear the air about last night. He appreciates her giving him clarity the last few weeks and suspects he did the exact opposite for her by giving mixed signals. We’re good – but Amanda really has to go – I’ll be in touch.

Hearing that Billy was in a bar fight, Vikki asks if he was hurt. No. Is he in jail? Not anymore, Nikki informs that Jack didn’t bail him out – his lawyer took care of that, she’s sorry to report. Victor’s the one who told her – he’s likely having Billy followed. Yes, Nikki has a picture. Vikki needs to see it, for closure. Looking at the photo of Amanda and Billy looking cozy, Vikki then hears that he spent the night at TGP – where Amanda’s staying – how convenient.

C’mere – Kyle didn’t mean to push Lola away but this deal’s very important. Lola quips that the honeymoon had to end sometime, right? We’re both busy but she’s not used to Kyle turning her down. Bringing up Summer, Lola quickly apologizes and decides she’s tired and will go lay down. No, I don’t need anything – keep working, she goes into the bedroom.

When Summer marches into Society to sit at his table, Theo assumes he’s being treated to lunch as an apology. No worries – he won’t share what he overheard. I didn’t have sex with Kyle – it was completely innocent, Summer insists – we just had a talk. OK, it was an intense conversation. OK, it was a kiss – but I initiated it and Kyle shut me down. Neither Kyle or Lola would appreciate you telling her. Theo knows Summer better – you’d love me to blow this thing wide open.

Putting the photo down, Vikki has a hard time thinking of Amanda as an innocent bystander. Based on her reason for coming to town, she might know exactly what she’s doing. Nikki agrees to go on her trip as planned but Vikki must call her if needed. Now alone, Vikki again looks at the photo.

Is this a good time? Billy appears at Jabot. Jack’s stunned to see the bruises on Billy’s face and is asked to keep an open mind for this update.

Billy had an epiphany over the last few days and has made some big life decision – leaving Jabot got the ball rolling. No, he’s not taking up boxing. Billy can’t be what others want him to be – he needs to express his authentic self. Assuming Vikki’s supportive, Jack’s stunned to hear Billy moved out.

Do NOT got to Lola with this, Summer warns. Theo won’t have to – Kyle won’t be able to keep up the pretense. You’ve been gunning for him since he married Lola; she’s the one who stands to get hurt the most. Summer taunts Theo for having feelings for Kyle’s wife. Believe what you want, he watches her march out.

About to leave for work, Lola asks Kyle what he was going to say that afternoon they were supposed to have their big talk. You’ve been different since you got back, like something’s weighing on you. It’s so obvious something happened. There’s nothing to worry about, Kyle assures. That’s not the same as nothing, Lola can feel his guilt. There was a kiss, Kyle admits, but that’s all.

Meeting Vikki in TGP lounge, Amanda’s glad she reached out and has thought for some time that they should talk. Not feeling the same way, Vikki hears how Amanda and Billy met by chance at The Empty Glass Lounge (quite a classy establishment) the night of the power out. So, this has been going on since early December, Vikki’s miffed that Billy was having a good time while she was locked in her office. We were just friends who’d meet for coffee, Amanda explains. And it progressed from there, to ‘adult beverages, Vikki scowls – you’ve got Billy convinced he should embrace his addiction and weaknesses. Sorry, did you say addiction? Amanda’s puzzled.

Billy will always love Vikki but can’t pretend to be someone he’s not. Are you gambling again? Jack asks. No, not in a serious way. Pulling out his phone, Jack’s heard enough – we’re going to a meeting. Nope, Billy won’t let Jack boss him around anymore. This is the way it’s going to be. Accept it or cut me off but the one thing you can’t do is change my mind.

Kyle confesses that Summer kissed him but it meant nothing. No, I didn’t kiss her back. I stopped it right away. Summer was embarrassed and took off to her room. That’s the end of it. Lola disagrees – that’s not the end of it. You and Summer have been hiding this from me. I should have told you as soon as I got back, Kyle knows – but it was his decision, not Summer’s. He just wanted things to go back to the way they were. Lola points out that this is the second time Summer’s kissed him. If that’s all that happened on this trip you wouldn’t be feeling so guilty – what are you holding back?

Jack’s genuinely concerned about Billy – who denies he’s angry but doesn’t need his brother’s approval. He’s used to everyone expecting him to fall flat on his face and is disappointed that Jack doesn’t understand. Billy must live in the moment to find out who he is and why he’s on this earth. Hoping that works out, Jack will be here if – when, it doesn’t. Thanks for your show of faith, Billy leaves with tears glistening in his eyes.

Back at TGP, Vikki guesses Amanda’s insight into Billy wasn’t as deep as she thought it was – he never told you about his gambling addiction? All the jobs, money and relationships he’s lost. Amanda’s sorry to hear it – but you have the wrong impression. She wasn’t acting as Billy’s therapist, just a friend and good listener. And an enabler, Vikki adds. Amanda regrets her interaction with Billy becoming so personal. I told him he should be having these conversations with you. She was the one Billy called the other night only to act as his lawyer. Vikki has her doubts.

Kyle’s glad Lola knows – it’s a relief. We can talk later but now I need to get to the office and you have to get to the restaurant. If Kyle doesn’t want to deal with it now, Lola will have to ask Summer. No, Kyle thinks it best for everyone that they put it in the past. Like you and Summer have put things in the past? Lola doesn’t believe Summer’s sorry. And you could have reassigned her – maybe it’s good for your ego that she keeps hitting on you. Stop it, Kyle snaps – you sound like Theo. If anyone’s trying to take advantage of our problems it’s HIM. Why can’t you admit that he’s in your head as much as Summer’s in mine!? I… I… didn’t mean to say that… wait. Both horrified by the words Kyle’s blurted out, Lola leaves.

Given that Billy was arrested, Amanda thinks it logical that he’d call her, a lawyer, as opposed to the woman who’d just ended their relationship. You certainly are up to date on our personal lives, Vikki hopes Amanda doesn’t feel she drove Billy to reckless behavior. No, of course not, Amanda knows Billy’s responsible for his action. She didn’t learn about the break up until after she bailed Billy out. Oh, so you spent time together after your legal work had concluded. Yes, Amanda wanted to make sure her friend was OK. She hopes Billy and Vikki can work things out – as they have in the past. Billy loves you very much. No, Vikki won’t waste another minute of her life trying to save Billy from himself. I hope for your sake you’re smart enough to stay away from him, she says before leaving.

Hey there – at his usual spot at the bar, Theo’d just about given up hope of seeing Lola today. Do you know what happened in San Francisco? she asks. Yes – Kyle and Summer finalized a big deal. Wow – Lola never realized what a terrible liar he is. It’s best we don’t discuss it, she heads into the kitchen.

Joining Kyle as he’s looking over the contract in the office, Summer asks if there’s any surprises. This is a big deal – we have to be careful, Kyle’s concerned about conflicts down the road. There’s such a thing as being too careful, if it means missing out on a deal of a lifetime, Summer adds – we know everything we need to know about this deal – it’s happened before – it’s the only choice. They clearly aren’t talking about the business deal.