Monday, February 3rd, 2020

In Vikki’s office, Nick’s jokes about Dad’s extravagant upcoming gala fail to distract her. He knows what the pain of a break up looks like.

Billy’s at the ranch to see Vikki and the kids. That won’t be happening, Victor growls.

At the penthouse, Devon’s on the phone with Elena. He’s not looking forward to the Hamilton-Winters board meeting he’s on his way to this morning. Some hard decisions will have to be made to keep the company afloat.

At TGP, Abby suggests she and Chance go on a skating date – unless he has to check with Phyllis. Phyllis who? he quips.

Ordering coffee, Phyllis goes overboard with the niceties until Sharon snaps. You know I have breast cancer. Oh – no – Phyllis knew something was going on but didn’t know what until right now. Sharon can’t believe her own stupidity.

Mariah’s on a video chat with Tessa (now on the jet as she raves about doing an encore with Tanner last night) Awesome, Mariah claims that everything’s fine with her – same old, same old.

It’ll get better, Nick tries to convince Vikki (and himself) Adam and Chelsea are in Paris and might move there. Vikki thinks that best for all concerned. Maybe Billy’s wild side will take him away from GC too, Nick keeps things lighthearted.

This is the last time you set foot on this property. Victor won’t let Billy visit his grandchildren at the ranch. It looks like someone hit you, Victor stands to ask Billy if he wants some more. Grandpa Victor will have to deal with Billy seeing his kids. Not here you won’t! Victor orders him out.

Mariah promises she’s fine – I just miss you. No, there’s no need for Tessa to fly home. Tanner suddenly appears behind Tessa – s’up girl? Did I just intrude on your call to mansplain y’all’s relationship? Sorry – carry on. He’s right, Tessa does ‘miss the hell’ out of Mariah (who has to get going with an ‘I love you’) It’s hard being apart, Tessa whines. Tanner understands and has something that might cheer Tessa up. Mariah mopes to her friend behind the bar.

Back at CL’s, Sharon swears Phyllis to secrecy – treat me like normal. Phyllis then goes overboard in demanding her coffee – I may have to go elsewhere. Your life would be boring without me, she knows.

Back from skating and in his suite at TGP, Chance and Abby don’t need a fireplace to get warmed up. Joined at the lips they remove clothing and hit the bed.

When Vikki admits that she’s not too enthused about the upcoming gala, Nick encourages her to cherish every moment – you never know what life has in store. When Billy appears, Nick puts him on notice on his way out. Noticing Billy’s bruises, Vikki immediately brings up Amanda. Did she tell you about our little talk? She’s a friend, not a homewrecker, Billy’s here to discuss the kids – I want to see them.

Mariah’s wowed by the healthy drink her bartender pal her. You have a pretty smile, the bartender flirtatiously encourages Mariah to use it more often and confide if she needs to. Mariah has to ‘talk shop’ when Devon arrives with bad news. He’s closing down Power Communications.

Vikki denies she’d use the kids as pawns – she took them to the ranch so they could be surrounded by family. Victor’s just trying to protect them – your face is black and blue. Billy will wait until his face heals then expects to see the kids. He hopes…. Vikki had hopes and expectations too. Now we all have to deal with the fallout. She sits at her desk to rifle through papers as Billy exits.

In bed, Abby and Chance debate which one of them is a bad influence. They then compare scars – hers from faking her kidnapping; his from preventing a kidnapping.