Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Tanner wants Tessa to join his label. Separating your and Mariah’s personal and professional lives might relieve some stress. His reps REALLY want to sign her. At least let them wine and dine you. Tessa’s grateful for all Tanner’s done for her. He loves working with her. Are you hoping we’ll reconnect? she has to ask.

Devon’s happy with the job Mariah’s done. She doesn’t get it – she was just about to report that Power’s been building it’s client base and creating buzz. The numbers didn’t work out, Devon doesn’t want Mariah to feel that she let him down. It was fun while it lasted, she’s clearly upset.

Phyllis drops by Nick’s to see how he is – and confesses that she knows about Sharon. Despite their complicated relationship, Phyllis is moved to tears; their issues seem so small and petty now.

At home, Sharon gets a call – sorry, I completely forgot about my hair appointment. I guess we should reschedule, she twirls her hair as she looks at a journal of her cancer treatment.

Still in bed, Abby calls her staff to say her dentist appointment is taking longer than expected – guess I need to floss more ~click~ Chance then asks about her riding a horse naked. Abby was supporting a cause she believes in. He finds all that sexy. She hides beneath the blanket as Chance goes to the door for the room service he ordered.

Devon will do what he can to get Mariah another job. Appreciating the opportunity, she considers there might be a reason for all this – perhaps the timing couldn’t be better. Devon will keep in touch – see you soon. Mariah makes a beeline to the bar – she’s changed her mind on having that stiff drink after all.

We’re different people now – Tanner respects Tessa’s relationship with Mariah and her friendship. She’s had a hard time getting used to him being a star. He’s sure she’ll be one too. Tessa will never fire Mariah and Devon but it wouldn’t hurt to hear your people out.

When Vikki comes to the ranch, Victor gushes about the kids horseback riding. It’s for the best that they stay here. No, Vikki doesn’t want her Dad to break the news to them. Hoping she’s not going to forgive Billy, Victor has to tell her that what Billy’s done goes beyond what she thought.

Phyllis sees Sharon’s cancer diagnosis as a wake up call. I went after Chance to get under Abby’s skin and to distract myself from my (crappy) life. Sharon’s going to beat this, right? she implores of Nick.

Sharon has great doctors and a positive attitude – the cancer was caught early. Reassured, Phyllis looks forward to being a thorn in her side again. Sorry to barge in on you. Nick’s gotten used to it. Times like this remind one of who their true friends are.

At home, Sharon clips up her hair and puts a scarf over her head to frown unhappily at her reflection in the mirror.

We’ve been busted, Chance informs – your staff sent up a bottle of bubbly and a toothbrush, Chance gets why Abby’s employees adore her. Food can wait – he’s suddenly not hungry (for food that is)

It seems that Billy and Amanda not only met at that excuse of a bar, they met at a motel repeatedly, Victor claims. Vikki’s not shocked but wanted to believe Billy when he said he didn’t have an affair. I guess I was in denial. I’m so sorry sweetheart, Victor hugs her.

Returning to his suite at TGP, Billy gets a call from Vikki demanding to meet him to discuss the kids – NOW ~click~ Billy sits on his bed to look unhappy.