Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

Amanda complains that she came to GC to do a job and is now cast as an evil doppelganger who ripped Devon off and broke up Billy and Vikki’s marriage. Nate calms her down – your friendship with Billy is your business. How are you still single? Amanda praises the ‘gorgeous’ doctor then mentions the ex she put a restraining order on. He never got physical but he was a textbook stalker. That’s why she left Madison. Nate doesn’t think she should let the Newmans run her out of town – you have more people in your corner than you think.

Summer takes a seat with Theo at CL’s – we’re both waiting and hoping for the same thing, she’s sure. Theo stands to go for some air. Wait – Summer confesses that she loves Kyle. If you really do love Lola I misjudged you. Theo leaves without responding.

Theo didn’t kiss me, Lola claims that she would have shut him down. Kyle insists he DID shut Summer down. But she’s in your head – you can’t stop thinking about her, Lola wants Kyle to forget about Theo and face the issue in front of them. Be honest, tell me the truth, she’s in tears. Kyle does love Lola (but evades the question as he relays what Summer said – that he’s using Theo to infuse passion into their marriage. Is she right? Lola asks. Summer’s not just in my head, Kyle admits that she’s in his heart. He’s not over her. I’m sorry. Lola turns her back to weep.

Back at TGP, Phyllis continues to defend her friend Amanda. Give me a break, Billy knows she’s up to something – you don’t have friends. And I DO have my life together. Not caring whether Phyllis believes him, Billy stomps off. When Amanda arrives, she doesn’t want to have to explain anything to Phyllis but appreciates the support.

After throwing some punches into her Dad’s hands, Vikki’s laughing but thinks they should call it a night before she hurts him. I adore you – also laughing, Victor gives Vikki a hug.

Returning to Society, Theo peers into the kitchen from afar.

What are you thinking? Kyle asks. Lola’s thinking of how devastated her Mom was when realizing Adrian didn’t love her. I swore that would never happen to me. You were a cocky charmer – made me believe … That we were meant for each other, Kyle seems equally devastated. Lola admits that Theo knows her in ways Kyle never could – she thought their differences made their love special. We both deserve better. Both agreeing that Kyle should go stay at a hotel, he leaves. Theo watches and then meets Lola’s eyes when she emerges from the kitchen silently crying.

Vikki interrupts Victor punching the long bag. Giving him a bottle of water, she thanks her Dad. I’ll never let my guard down again, she vows as they exchange I love you’s.

Amanda walks into her suite to find a man standing at the window. Hello, it’s been a while, he says.

Is there anything I can do? Theo asks. Told that her marriage to Kyle’s over, his angry words about ‘that guy’ are cut off by Lola. But don’t leave., she implores. I’m right here – don’t worry, Theo listens. Lola wants honesty – she doesn’t want to mislead Theo. I just need a friend right now. You’ve got one, he assures.

No sooner has Kyle taken a seat at TGP’s bar, Summer arrives to join him and silently take his hand.