Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

On the elevator at TGP, Amanda updates Billy that Rey arrested Ripley – ‘relief’ doesn’t begin to describe it. She’ll sleep well tonight. Billy thinks that calls for a celebration. Trust me, he says as he pushes an elevator button.

In her suite, Phyllis is on the phone with Summer – where did you sleep last night? Please tell me you and Kyle aren’t already back together. She’s unaware that Summer’s sitting with Kyle at CL’s as they chat.

Thinking Lola could use some help packing, Rey drops by the apartment. Tape gun in hand, she’s got it handled – this is helping me get through the day. Rey knows one can’t pack up a marriage in a box and send it away.

On the hotel’s dark rooftop, Billy talks a nervous Amanda into joining him on the edge to look down at the city below – let this be our crazy moment.

Phyllis is so worried that Summer’s going to get her heart broken by getting back with Kyle that she might cancel her trip to Vegas. No, don’t change your plans, Summer wonders why her Mom’s going there. Phyllis is feeling lucky. Go have fun, Summer ends the call with I love you’s. A solemn Kyle now has to go upstairs and close the door on his marriage. He refused to see what was right in front of him the whole time. As he kisses Summer’s hand, Nick arrives at CL’s with a furrowed brow.

Billy and Amanda appreciate the city view and the cold air; both feel – alive. This was a good idea, Amanda chuckles. She’s riding high on adrenaline and Billy’s had a big day too – he and Vikki told the kids that they’re breaking up. It’s the right thing to do, he’s sure. The expectations were strangling him. Glad that Amanda shared this moment, Billy wants her to do one more thing with him – shout from the rooftop, literally.

Lola knows she can’t pack up her emotions like this box – but it’s a start; something that has to be done. She tells Rey that she’s embarrassed, hurt and angry – but there’s worse things in life. Rey’s proud that his little sister’s handling herself better than he and Arturo would. After a hug, Lola asks Rey to come with her to Miami for some family time but he can’t due to work.

That was cathartic and fun, Amanda agrees with Billy – but we should go before security comes. After Billy helps her off the ledge and back onto the rooftop, Amanda’s sorry but she has to go – thank you for tonight; you helped me find my voice and I’m ready to roar in a whole new way.

I can’t put this off any longer, a reluctant Kyle leaves Summer and shrugs into his coat on the patio – as Rey arrives.

Meanwhile, Nick proceeds into the coffee house to approach Summer. He didn’t see her at the house this morning and saw her with Kyle just now. Wanna tell me what’s going on?

Wheeling her luggage through TGP lounge, Phyllis runs into Billy; who recognizes the glint in her eye and asks where she’s going. That’s none of your business – and she recognizes the glint in HIS eye too – what kind of chaos are you stirring up? Enjoying life more than I have in a long time, Billy declares then marches off.

Kyle doesn’t want to fight Rey and remains silent for what he has coming. You lied to Lola, Rey snarls – pretended to love her while pining after someone else. She’s good and decent; made you feel like a better person – but you’re not and you know it. You’re a selfish, manipulative, entitled dirt-bag – stay away from me and my sister.

Summer updates her Dad that she and Kyle want to be together. No, she’s not concerned about him being upstairs with his wife right now. So, this is happening – Nick just wants Summer to be careful with her heart.

Kyle knocks on the door and informs Lola that he ran into Rey (and doesn’t blame him for being protective of his sister – and couldn’t argue with anything he said) Come on in, Lola’s got all Kyle’s stuff packed up. It seems so final, he comments. Because that’s what it is, Lola agrees – final.