Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

So, this is the last one (box) Kyle doesn’t know what to say – Lola either. Both wish people would stop encouraging them to get past their issues. There’s really only one issue, Lola says without malice – Summer (who she knows he spent the night with) You can’t fix a marriage that was misguided from the start. No, Lola doesn’t want Kyle to stay and talk – she wants this to be over with.

Phyllis follows Billy to the bar to comment on him ‘enjoying his life’. You used to be fond of this side of me, he reminds. Phyllis asks him to wait until she gets back to town before starting anything – so she can get popcorn and a front row seat.

Rey’s taken Ripley out of his jail cell and to CL’s at Amanda’s request. I’ll be right over there, he leaves them to talk. Have you come to your senses? Ripley asks. Amanda makes it clear that she’s in control – the tables have turned – your future is in my hands.

Ripley likes seeing Amanda so strong and confident; the woman he fell in love with. She lets him know that she’s smarter, better now – not because of Ripley but in spite of him. She’s dropping the charges and demands he leave town. If you test my generosity, that detective over there will put you back behind bars. Amanda’s no longer afraid of Ripley and wants him to feel powerless. She wanted to see his expression when he realized that she has all the power – you have nothing. There it is, thank you, she’s smug. If you come near me again, your life will be over.

A glum looking Kyle seems reluctant to leave the apartment – he wants to make things as easy as possible for Lola. She assumes the divorce will be easy because they don’t have kids or a house – we didn’t even share a bank account. Was any of it real? It was – it just wasn’t forever, Kyle takes his last box and closes the door behind him.

Still wheeling her luggage around the hotel lounge, Phyllis now chats with Nick. He doesn’t think her trip to Vegas a good idea – don’t do it.

As Rey watches intently from the counter, Amanda forces Ripley to say that he’ll leave GC and never look back – coming here was a mistake. Satisfied, she slides a one way ticket to Madison across the table. I’m taking you to the bus station, Rey comes over to say. She’s not as strong as she thinks she is, Ripley murmurs to himself after Amanda strides out with confidence.

Alone and lonely in the apartment, Lola flashes back to happy times with Kyle, then weeps.

Are you OK? Summer asks Kyle at Jabot – is there anything I can do? Kyle doesn’t feel deserving of comforting right now. Maybe Rey was right to call me manipulative. I hurt Lola and I hurt you. We hurt each other – we were too young then, not ready, Summer takes his hand – those years lead to this; our time.

Phyllis doesn’t need Nick’s approval. Digging around in Vegas will be a waste of time or dangerous, he warns. Phyllis is sure she can handle Adam and Chance – I won’t get hurt, she promises as she exits the hotel.