Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Jack drops by Vikki’s office to say he’s sorry that Billy moved out (which he tried to talk him out of) The Abbott’s are here if you and the kids need anything. How much does Jack know? Not much – Billy didn’t return his calls. Neither saw this coming.

Amanda joins a feisty-looking Billy in the hotel lounge. He announces that he just had a new sportscar delivered; an Italian import that does 217 MPH. Come for a spin. Amanda doesn’t approve either (as Vikki hadn’t according to Billy) and she isn’t available to go for a spin. As he literally zooms to the exit, Amanda calls out – update your insurance.

At C’s, a ‘proud’ Lauren and Mike are both having fun texting Fen – who seems to be settling nicely into his new place. They’re relieved that he’s healthy and happy. Ester arrives all in a dither – am I late? Did I miss anything? She’s alarmed to hear that Chloe and Kevin aren’t there. The ultrasound was hours ago; she hopes nothing’s wrong.

Victor’s pleased to find Ashley in his living room – what a lovely surprise ~hug~ Hearing that she came straight from the airport, he guesses that she has something important to say.

Ashley and Victor briefly talk about how well Abby’s doing – how well Ashley’s doing in. She then wonders how Victor’s handling retirement and the 50th anniversary of the company he created. She’ll always care about how Victor’s doing.

Jack assumes Victor’s gloating. No, Vikki reports – if anything, he gave Billy every opportunity to prove him wrong. Billy always needs a challenge – without living on the edge of disaster he gets restless. Jack can’t say she’s wrong – Billy will regret this. It’ll be too late, Vikki’s done.

Kevin and Chloe join the Baldwins and Ester at CL’s. The ultrasound went well, they pull out a picture for all to ooh and ahh over. Is it a boy or a girl? Lauren asks.

Jack asks Vikki how Katie and Johnny took the news. There was some tears and acting out, Vikki replies – Billy can’t handle being happy – at least not with me. Vowing never to take him back, she thinks they just have to let Billy live the life he wants.

Ashley declares Victor the picture of health and relaxation. Retirement’s agreeing with me, he admits. Ashley can see that Victor’s content; she’s glad he’s happy and wanted to tell him in private as opposed to at the busy party.

Kevin and Chloe have decided not to find out the baby’s gender – they’ll be surprised the big day. Yes, Kevin was curious but what’s a few more months? You’re not usually that patient, Mike suspects he secretly asked the tech. Perhaps he left something behind he needed to go back for? Kevin left his jacket behind – it was by accident! You know, don’t you!? Chloe glares at Kevin – who flares at Mike.

On the CL’s patio, Amanda’s relieved that her stress is over. Nate agrees – you’ve reclaimed your power and radiating strength right now. He appreciates Amanda opening up. I’m proud of you. She’s proud of herself.

Jack’s sorry Nikki’s been out of town throughout this. Vikki speaks to her nightly on the phone and appreciates Jack’s support ~hug~ Friendly greetings are exchanged when Nick arrives – see you at Victor’s party. After Jack leaves, neither want to discuss Billy.