Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Kevin admits that he went back in to find the lab tech but couldn’t find him. You’re the worst liar ever, Mike crows. OK – Kevin knows. When Chloe insists, he announces that they’re having a boy.

Amanda’s glad Billy showed up when he did. Nate’s glad Billy ignored his advice (that he keep his distance) He’s sorry if he overstepped. Amanda knows he has good intentions. Billy arrives to confess that he slid on black ice (which she warned him about) He hit a tree; the car’s in the shop. Thanks to the safety features, Billy doesn’t have a scratch on him. Nate and Amanda share a look of skepticism.

Billy now inside CL’s, Nate and Amanda still on the patio, they find it odd that Billy didn’t let the paramedics check him out and worry that he might have a head injury. Nate will try check him out. When Billy comes out, Amanda and Nate convince him to take a seat. Tell me about the car, Nate checks his pulse. How many fingers am I holding up? Four. Nate sees no signs of concussion but lists symptoms to watch for. One more thing – your pulse is racing. Thrill seeking can be an addiction. Hasn’t it occurred to you that you might have a problem? Unconcerned, Billy dishes a bit of attitude and exits.

Jack’s now at the ranch to chat with Victor. If you want to help, straighten out your brother (though he doubts that possible) For the sake of both families refrain from trashing Billy in front of Vikki and the kids, Jack implores of Victor – and don’t keep him from the kids. Victor believes that Jack’s disappointed in his brother – but expects him to be making excuses for his useless brother anyway.

The gang at CL’s are thrilled to hear there’ll soon be a little Kevin. Ester and Lauren will plan a baby shower. As the ladies wander off, Mike offers Kevin support and a hug (but Kevin looks troubled over his shoulder)

Vikki has something to show Nick – their gift for Dad; an encased, gold replica of the car Victor used to drive around in selling soap from his trunk. He’ll love it, Nick’s sure.

Billyboy Abbott who slept with your wife and embezzled from Jabot? You thought he’d be loyal? Victor scoffs. Billy got help – Jack thought he’d turned things around. Besides, look at what Adam’s done to you – all water under the bridge, right? Wrong – Victor explains – Adam came after me because he thought I tried to kill him. I wasn’t the one driving that car – it was Billy. Victor forgave him for Vikki and the kids sake. How did he repay me? By leaving them.

Billy and Ashley chat at TGP. She has no interest in lecturing him – after what she did to Jack. Ashley did what she had to in order to live the life she wanted. Billy can relate to that and hopes Vikki and the kids one day forgive him like Jack did Ashley. She doubts it.

Now alone at CL’s, Chloe wonders why Kevin’s troubled. He worries he won’t be a good Father – that he’ll pass on the legacy of Terrible Tom. Chloe’s sure he’ll be a terrific Father. You’ve protected Bella and I over and over. Tears in his eyes, Kevin still looks worried as Chloe hugs him.

Amanda’s thinking of Vikki, not Billy – she accused me of encouraging him to take risks. Could Billy be addicted to thrill seeking? Nate’s no psychiatrist but if he didn’t think it possible he wouldn’t have brought it up.

Over drinks at TGP, Ashley thinks it OK that Billy doesn’t want a life like John Abbott’s – go out and find your passion. Billy believes ending things with Vikki now does the least amount of damage to her and the kids in the long run. Ashley’s sad for Vikki and the kids but Billy must live his truth.

Billy wasn’t consciously aware of his actions at the time (as predicted, Jack’s making excuses) relapse is part of recovery, you know that. All Victor sees is excuses – you’ve always been propping him up. He hopes Billy hits rock bottom; it’s the only chance he has to face himself and be a man. If you have confidence in Billy, let him fail – let him fail! Victor challenges Jack.