Thursday, February 13th, 2020

Summoned to Nick’s place to give some advice, Phyllis claims that she took his (and isn’t going to Vegas) Nick’s suspicious – what part are you leaving out?

Adam’s not happy when Chance joins him at a bar in Vegas. I told you I’d handle it – I’m meeting her. Your hands are clean – you weren’t there – you still have deniability. Walk away – keep your boy scout rep intact. Chance can’t walk away – and you know damn well why.

At CL’s, Rey’s happy to see that Sharon’s in good humour; looking and feeling well after chemo.

Kyle quickly ends his call when Summer enters the CEO office to show him Jabot’s new line of swimwear. When he’s sniffs her perfume, Summer swoons.

Rey admits that he’s not just there for brownies. He loves Sharon ~kiss~ and her brownies.

Summer thinks they should remain professional in the office – but flirting and discussing how happy they are is fine. Eventually this bubble will burst. Summer wonders how long they need to walk on eggshells (though neither want to hurt Lola) We shouldn’t flaunt our happiness. People are going to take sides. Like Rey, Jack and Nick; the latter two are worried Kyle will break Summer’s heart. What if they’re right? he has to ask.

Phyllis is staying in town in case Summer needs her help. And how’s Faith doing? Nick tries to to gloss over everything but she’s a smart kid – she can look things up online. Faith’s terrified – there’s nothing Nick can do and he can’t burden Sharon.

A woman at the bar pulls a tiny listening device out of her pocket and going over to take Chance and Adam’s drink order, discreetly affixes it to the back of a chair.

Phyllis knows Nick doesn’t really need advice – just someone to talk to who’s in the loop. We’re so mature, they joke.

Back in Vegas, Adam points out that this whole thing went down before he got his memory back – this mess is Spider’s fault. Spider had a level of restraint that you don’t, Chance insists on sticking around to make sure this doesn’t go South. Riza appears to exchange small talk with Adam. Brix is in town asking about you, she updates. We’re here for information, Chance interrupts to say that he isn’t going anywhere and neither’s Adam. Where’s she been staying?

Kyle’s put Summer through a lot – including marrying her so she’d donate part of her liver to Lola. But look at us now – together – nothing can keep us apart, because you love me. And I love you – Summer’s never been so certain of anything in her life. As they kiss, Jack walks in – so much for taking my advice.

Sharon smiles up at Nick. If you’re here to hover, Rey’s got that covered. I don’t know what you’re talking about lady – I’m just came for some coffee. Just like I’m here for the brownies, Rey adds. She then leaves the guys to chat – see you at home, she gives Rey a quick kiss. Nick figures there’s something they should talk about – my daughter …. and my sister’s husband, Rey finishes the sentence.

Not wanting to see Summer get hurt again, Jack wants her to slow things down. Kyle’s been my everything since the day we met – he knows my triumphs, my failures – and I know his. And we’re all supposed to forget that within a year you married Summer, then Lola – and now back to Summer? Jack scolds Kyle – If things where meant to be, taking time wouldn’t make a difference. Kyle knows he’s made mistakes but Summer’s the constant in his life. Jack can see there’s no talking them out of it. In fact, it’s like he’s not even in the room.

The woman’s beginning to ask questions about her husband, Riza informs The cover story? Adam asks. Not working – she no longer believes he’s in witness protection until a certain case goes to trial. She doesn’t care about the guy, only the money he stashed. That’s why she’s been digging around. This is bigger than we thought, Chance realizes. Adam doesn’t care how they do it – we need to put an end to her questions, now. Back in GC, Phyllis listens to the entire conversation.

Is a million enough to get her to stop asking questions about her missing husband? Adam asks as he pulls out his phone to transfer her the money. You know what to do, Riza’s dismissed. If my cover hand’t been blown none of this would be happening, Chance asserts. Adam would pay twice as much to stay out of prison. Phyllis is stunned by what she hears.

Jack loves Summer and Kyle but the rest of the world will use their past against them; say you aren’t trustworthy. Learn from your mistakes and mine – live lives of honesty and kindness. We will, Summer promises.

Kyle never deserved my sister – marriage means something to her, and to me, Rey grumbles. Nick’s not proud of what Summer’s done. She’s as much a victim as Lola – and Rey won’t forget that Summer saved Lola’s life. Rey’s problem is with Kyle. Nick feels terrible for Lola – he knows what it’s like to be left behind, seeing the happy couple all over town. Rey doesn’t want this rubbed in Lola’s face. Nick gets it – and has more to say.

Nick offers Rey support – if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here. I may take you up on that – see you around, Rey says with a fist bump as they leave.

Chance won’t let Adam go to jail for this. You weren’t involved and didn’t see anything – besides, what could you do to help me? Chance still has connections – he’d have been killed in the line of duty if not for Adam. That guy would have done it without blinking if it weren’t for you. Why’d you get involved anyway? Chance wonders. Because besides Riza, you were my only friend, Adam appreciates that he tell Victor he was alive. When Adam realized Chance was in danger, he did what he had to do. He just wanted to scare the guy off – but then he came at me. Adam had no choice but others won’t see it that way. Back in GC, Phyllis has all she needs.

Rey comes home to find Sharon looking nauseous and on the verge of a panic attack. I’m here – focus – look into my eyes – deep breaths.

Jack hopes Kyle and Summer will learn from his mistakes and theirs – do better – do right by Lola. They will – and take Jack’s advice to heart. Now go look at each other like love sick fools somewhere else, he quips.

Sharon tells Rey that her stomach went all floppy – like a wave. But it wasn’t as bad as she expected. Rey’s offer to call the doctor is declined. I can do this, Sharon’s determined.

Nick and Phyllis bump into each other at CL’s. He appreciates their talk earlier and is glad she stuck around.

Back in Vegas, Adam tells Chance that he’s doing what he has to, to make this go away. It’s my problem.