Friday, February 14th, 2020

Fresh from the shower, Chance is toweling off when Abby knocks on his door – I heard you were back in town ~kiss~

At CL’s, Summer and Kyle discuss Victor’s gala tonight. Her suggestion that they arrive separately is declined. He appreciates her sensitivity but keeping a low profile isn’t the way to go. That said, Kyle releases Summer’s hand when a solemn looking Lola enters through the patio.

Elena’s determined to choose the right dress to make a good impression tonight. Devon’s sure she will (and that donors will be writing big cheques for the New Hope clinic)

Over drinks at Society, Chloe’s glad Chelsea’s not moving to Paris and even more excited that she brought her a designer purse back. When Chelsea accidentally blurts out that Adam’s out of town, Chloe pounces – why? Business. What business? Murder? Mayhem? What is Adam up to now? Chloe persists.

Phyllis is at the hotel’s bar, listening to the audio of her recorded conversation when Adam arrives at TGP. Pulling her earbuds out, she hisses smugly; you’re busted.

Adam hasn’t murdered anyone today, Chelsea jokes with mild indignation but doesn’t know what business took him out of town. Her concerns shut down, Chloe’s sure that Adam being out there in the wild is a recipe for disaster.

Phyllis has one word for Adam – Vegas. Let it go – you’re embarrassing yourself, he’s surprised she didn’t pop up behind a slot machine claiming it was coincidence. Next time, throw me a 20, I’ll put it all on red, Adam’s departure is stopped in it’s tracks when Phyllis says – what happens in Vegas is killed in Vegas. You’ve got the saying wrong. Do I? Phyllis is the proverbial cat who swallowed the canary.

Getting reacquainted in bed, Chance reassures Abby that his trip didn’t involve anything dangerous. Can the feds pull you back in? Not if I say no – and Chance hopes never to go to Vegas again. Why revisit his past when his future looks so good? ~kiss~

Devon and Elena are excited about New Hope’s clinic. It’s made him feel better about having to shut down Power Communications. After losing so much these last few years, Devon credits Elena with changing his whole life ~hug~

We’re not trying to rub things in your face – Kyle and Summer thought Lola was still in Miami. She just got back. After some awkward but polite small talk, Summer tries to discreetly leave. No, Lola wants them both to stay – we have unfinished business.

Both dressing, Abby invites Chance to be her date to her Dad’s gala. Newman family events can get combustible, she understates. I can handle Victor, Chance is sure (though wouldn’t want to be his enemy) Getting a call, Chance asks – are you sure? He can’t say anymore about his big break – see you tonight, he hurries out.

Down in the lobby, Phyllis claims to know a lot of things and is going to tell Adam a secret that will blow his mind.

Kyle knows Lola has a lot to say and he’ll listen (but leave Summer out of it) Lola didn’t bring her knives – I’m fine. She won’t spend another minute being angry – what’s done is done. She accepts that he and Summer were meant to be together and knows Kyle didn’t mean to cause her pain – this is your chance to make it right. And my chance. Let’s not blow it. Kyle and Summer are left with their mouths hanging open.

Devon and Elena’s kiss is interrupted when Chance drops by the penthouse with news on Collin.