Monday, February 17th, 2020

Chelsea has no problem choosing Adam over the hotel. Now, let’s get to that party; where she’ll be proud to be on his arm ~kiss~

‘So rude’, Phyllis complains when Abby stomps over to snatch her drink and finish it. What did Chelsea want? Chance wonders what’s wrong. A smug Phyllis announces that she’s buying Chelsea’s shares in TGP. What do you have on her? Abby asks. Would you care to weigh in? Phyllis asks Chance. Leave him out of it, Abby vows to have her lawyers find a way out of partnership with Phyllis. After Abby she off, Phyllis makes it clear to Chance that she knows what he and Adam did in Vegas and if he wants her to keep their secret, he better find a way to get her Abby’s shares too. Phyllis doesn’t want half the hotel, she wants the whole thing.

A tux clad Victor mosey’s around Top of The Tower to admire the decor before everyone arrives. Nikki joins him for a kiss and I love you’s. As guests now mill about, Adam thanks Chelsea the goes to kiss the ring; get it over with. Nick comes over to say hello to Chelsea. No need to feel awkward – how’s Connor? And Adam? He’ll always be Adam. Sorry to disappoint but Chelsea denies he struck a nerve. Good, Nick’s not disappointed; he only wants her to be happy.

Sharon looks great in silver sequins when she arrives with a protective Rey. They decide on a safe word in case she wants to leave. The word? Phyllis. Sharon then goes to the ladies room to freshen up. Telling an excited Vikki that she wants to wait a bit longer before revealing Victor’s surprise, Nikki goes to the ladies room; where Sharon’s not feeling well at all. Is something wrong? she looks sincerely concerned as she meets a panicked Sharon’s eyes in the mirror.

Initially dubious of Sharon’s claim that she was startled and trying to remember something she has to tell Nick, Nikki’s concern vanishes at the reminder that she’ll be part of their lives. Do you have the flu? Are you drunk? OMG – you’re not … pregnant!? Sharon laughs and blames the appetizers – did you cheap out on the catering. Our caterers are the finest money can buy, Nikki’s indignant. Have a lovely evening, Sharon exits.

Chelsea directs Adam’s attention to Phyllis – I can’t believe she had the nerve to show up. Noticing Phyllis (loading up on appetizers) at the same time, Abby hands her drink to Chance and marches over to say ‘they’re $10 each. You weren’t invited’. Now that Phyllis is a full fledged partner, she figures she’s family. Abby chases after Phyllis – Chance chases after Abby.

Sharon tells Nick and Rey about her moment with Nikki. No, she didn’t figure it out – she thought I was pregnant. No, it’s not a possibility – that was one of the tests before she started her treatment. Sharon’s then stunned and ecstatic when Noah appears (Nick knew but was sworn to secrecy) Noah’s there for his grandpa’s big night but more so for his Mom ~hug~

Nikki’s starting to tell Victor about her strange encounter with Sharon when his brother, Matt arrives – with Julia (Brooks) Last time she saw Victor he was in a coma. Nikki keeps me young, he goes to the mic to thank all for dressing up and coming out to celebrate this occasion. He gushes about his family – his beautiful daughter’s now running NE since his retirement. Welcome one and all to the celebration of NE’s 50th. And the man behind it, Nikki takes the mic to chime in. Let the celebration begin. All applaud towards a large screen as a photo of Victor appears.

My Thoughts: With everyone migrated to Society and The Grand Phoenix, I’d almost forgotten about Top of The Tower .. And I almost forgot Victor had a brother. Victor seems to have forgotten too. Odd that he spent no more than 10 seconds with Matt and Julia before moving on to make his speech. Does he even know that Noah’s there? Were any Newman Enterprises employees/execs invited? The gala is being held right upstairs after all… Where are the Baldwins? Lauren and her girls are a must-have at any event… And since they’re in a restaurant, why would Nikki hire caterers? … Sharon looks well – but silver earrings would have gone better with her dress instead of gold (meow) … Why on earth would Adam get a suite at TGP? Is it closer to NE? … Why is Chelsea so confident that Phyllis is the only one who knows Adam and Chance’s secret? The wife he paid off knows and could have told anyone… And why isn’t Chelsea more alarmed to hear that Adam killed a man and ‘did what needed to be done’ with the body? … Where did Phyllis get money to buy Chelsea’s shares of TGP? Did she take Adam’s 10 mil after all?.. I love how Rey was ready to leave for the gala as soon as Sharon said she wanted to go – like she was going in the outfit she wore for chemo. And does Rey have a tux in the trunk of his car? Just in case?