Monday, February 17th, 2020

Chance leads Abby into his suite – now, open your eyes. It’s a Grand Phoenix plaque he had made. Go ahead, pick it up. Attached is a sparkly bracelet that earns him a kiss.

In TGP lounge, Chelsea doesn’t take kindly to threats about Adam – and nobody’s going to jail. Phyllis thinks she better look into the woman in Vegas whose husband’s missing. One cue, Adam calls. He wonders why Chelsea’s not answering.

Nick and Victor are at the ranch. Vikki’s picking Nikki up at the airport. How’s Sharon’s treatment progressing? Victor’s question catches Nick off guard.

Rey arrives at Sharon’s with a a copy of Traci Abbott’s latest novel to read while she’s having chemo. Hopefully her second time goes as well as the first. Let’s do it, he grabs her bag and both exit.

Not overly surprised that his Dad knows Sharon has breast cancer, Nick asks him to keep it quiet. As Victor offers his help, Nikki arrives with Vikki – help with what? Tonight’s event of course – but with his capable wife and daughter in charge, what could possibly go wrong?

Phyllis doesn’t want Chelsea to feel bad that Adam’s keeping secrets from her. Was that call from him? We could put him on speaker. He’ll confirm what I’m saying is true. She overheard Adam and Chance; a nasty man went missing in Vegas. His wife doesn’t believe he’s in witness protection. Adam paid her off to protect Chance. And what does Phyllis want to keep her mouth shut? Chelsea’s 25% of The Grand Phoenix.

Chelsea won’t give Phyllis her shares in the hotel. OK, Phyllis will buy them at fair market value, then have as much a stake as Abby. Think it over; it’s your only option. Your poor son must have terrible memories of this place, she adds. Warned to watch her back, Phyllis chuckles – the clock is ticking. Chelsea’s now alone to take Adam’s call – we need to talk. Informed that he’s in a suite upstairs, Chelsea will be right up. Walking in with Abby, Chance steps aside to answer his phone. That gives Phyllis an opportunity to needle Abby.

Upstairs, Adam wants to take Chelsea’s mind off what he can see was a rough day – what happened? Phyllis happened. And Chelsea needs to know what happened in Vegas.

Back at the ranch, Nikki and Vikki won’t give Victor any hints about their surprise before they go up to get ready for ‘the event to end all events’.

After exchanging ‘I love you’s’, Chelsea vows to stand by Adam as he did her. She now hears more of the story. Chance was working under cover in Vegas; we were both living under assumed identities and became friends; came to each others rescue. There was a fight – this guy would have killed us both. We did what had to be done. Adam would change it if he could. Chelsea understands – who else knows? Just Phyllis, who Chelsea will deal with. What are you going to do? Adam wonders.

Downstairs, in the lounge, Chance ignores Phyllis when he comes to tell Abby it’s time to go. Taunting Phyllis about the gala everyone in town’s going to except her, Abby gets a text summoning her upstairs. Guessing it’s Chelsea, Phyllis volunteers to keep Chance company. What’s going on with you? he asks. Talking about changes she’ll be making to the hotel, Phyllis invites Chance to join her for a drink.

Abby joins Chelsea in Adam’s suite to say she has good timing – Phyllis is being extra tiresome tonight. What’s going on? Adam remains silent in the background as Chelsea blurts out that she’s selling her shares in the hotel – to Phyllis. Abby’s horrified – why!? She’s blackmailing you, she guesses. What does she have on you? Chelsea can’t say – but take Phyllis down if you can. I have to go get ready for tonight, an unhappy Abby rushes out.

Who knew boredom could be so exhausting? Sharon returns home light-heartedly grumbling. She rejects Rey’s suggestion that they skip the Newman gala – wanting to enjoy an evening while she feels good. But, before getting ready, and since they’re already late, Sharon wants to spend some time hugging Rey.