Tuesday, February 18th, 2020

Today’s show opens with a flashback of Victor with his Mother, Nikki, Douglas, Katherine and Julia. Thank God Nikki brought us together, is the shared sentiment.

Arms folded and smiling widely, Victor soaks in the applause as Nick welcomes everyone to this 50th anniversary tribute to NE and it’s illustrious founder; Victor Newman.

Standing at his table with mic in hand, Victor relays starting off by selling soap from the trunk of his car. Flashback to Victor at the boardroom table with John, Brad, Neil and Jill – who applaud the 25th anniversary of NE.

Nikki accepts Victors marriage proposal and coaxes him into saying that he loves her. Nothing will keep us apart ~kiss~

Nikki doesn’t know where her life would be without Victor – it’s been a thrilling, sometimes heartbreaking journey – she wouldn’t have it any other way. Flashback to her sneaking into his office pretending to be a cleaner. How do you like my disguise? she pulls off her wig. I’ve never kissed a cleaning woman before, he changes that.

Victor admits – it’s been rocky at times but we’re still standing and more in love than ever. Flashback to a tender moment as he encourages Nikki before she plays the piano (at the launch party for the MS charity if I recall correctly) More applause as they kiss.

Vikki begins by saying she and her Father have butted heads – but he’s still the one man she can count on. Flashback to a teary Father-Daughter moment before Victor walks her down the aisle. You finally figured out I’m the heir apparent, she quips as she hands the mic to Nick – who admits the suit and tie aren’t really his thing. Flashback to Nick thanking his Dad for making his dream come true (a home office)

Abby proudly admits that she was never a fit for the family business either but has also learned so much from her Father. Flashback to Victor giving a weeping Abby a pep talk and hug. I love you Dad, with all my heart, she ends her speech. Adam grabs the mic – guess it’s my turn. Flashback to Victor holding him as a baby as Hope cries. No matter how contentious things have gotten between him and Victor, they share an invisible bond. He’d like to know more about his Dad to catch up with his siblings. That’d be nice, Victor gives Adam a pat on the back and a hug (as Nick furrows his brow)

Jack elicits a chuckle by saying he’s had more conflict with The Black Knight than everyone else here – combined. There’s nothing like two arch rivals who discover in their later years that they can have a civil conversation. Jill, Kyle, Ashley look up at Jack. Flashback to Jack looking terrified seated at Victor’s desk as Victor warns that he has yet to understand the power of Victor Newman. I will crush you! he shouts as he yanks a portrait of the two them from the office wall and destroys it. I WILL CRUSH YOU!!!!!

Ashley speaks next – what can she possibly say about the man she’s loved and wanted to throttle on occasion? You’ve been my lover, husband, mentor, competitor – and friend. Flashback to a younger Ashley toasting the most incredible man she’s known – this is my fantasy come true. We can always be proud of our beautiful daughter, Ashley concludes as Abby smiles in agreement.