Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

In the colourful art gallery room, Chance must confess something serious to Abby – it involves Adam and Phyllis. That’s never a good combination, Abby looks concerned.

Back in the dining room, Nick and Vikki present Victor with their gift (the gold replica of the ‘jalopy’ he sold soap out of) I’m surrounded by people I love, Victor’s amazed by the gift. On the sidelines, Adam looks (and is) excluded.

Kyle and Summer confirm for Noah that they are indeed officially back together. He’s not good enough for you, Noah says without malice – but if Summer’s happy, he’s happy for her ~hug~ Watching from afar, Rey will keep his mouth shut out of respect for Jack (who admits he’s not happy about it either) They’re in love, Sharon’s supportive – let them be happy; life’s too short. Noting that Phyllis is quiet, Jack asks her opinion. She agrees with Sharon – when you find love, hold in tight. It can be gone in a heartbeat.

Amanda joins Billy (looking at photos of Vikki on his phone) at TGP bar to note that it’s empty. Everyone but them is celebrating Victor living life on his own terms. Doesn’t seem fair – that’s all Billy’s trying to do.

No, Adam tells Chelsea that doesn’t want to push his luck by joining his siblings with Victor (who watches them intently)

Jill and Jack praise one another’s appearance and begrudgingly admire the mark Victor left on them both. Neither of them blame Vikki for being done with Billy (who both worry about and would like to help)

** If you haven’t noticed yet, no time for spellcheck or proofreading. And the ‘l’ on my keyboard is not working properly. Arghhh!!!!

Back at TGP, Billy insists he’s fine. Have a good evening, Amanda walks off. Billy stops her – you seem distant (because of Nate’s opinion, he suspects) It’s probably better you steer clear of this ticking time bomb, Billy walks off irritated.

Surrounded by images of Victor, Chris tells Paul that she holds no grudges against the man responsible for her stepping down as DA. She loves her life out of the fishbowl.

Chance tells Abby that Adam saved him when his cover was blown when the man he was after fell off the grid. Phyllis knows and has blackmailed Chelsea into selling her shares – and wants me to do the same with you. That conniving bitch, Abby marches over to Phyllis (with Chelsea) to make things clear.

At the bar, Nikki again asks Sharon how she is. I’m not pregnant, Sharon confides that she has breast cancer.

Amanda stops Billy as he’s about to leave the hotel – where are you going? He’s off to pay tribute to the man himself.

Victor had no idea Noah was such a talented photographer but isn’t disappointed that he’s not working at NE. Here we are, three generations of Newmans. With a hug, Noah moves on – leaving Nick to say that Victor’s words to Noah were ‘cool’.