Wednesday, February 19th, 2020

Abby won’t let Phyllis blackmail Chelsea out of her shares of TGP. Phyllis IS a 50% partner unless Abby wants to sell her shares. She’s surprised Abby’s standing beside Chance – knowing he committed a crime. Aside, Adam isn’t worried but Chance is; Phyllis won’t stop at this hotel.

Adam gives Chance insight into Phyllis – she’s cutthroat but she got what she wanted. She won this round the she’ll overreach and cross the line, giving us enough dirt to take her down. Chance isn’t convinced. Adam doesn’t seem too troubled that Chelsea no longer own shares in the hotel and thinks Abby would be fine without The Grand Albatross too.

Abby and Chelsea leave Phyllis to find some friends to mingle with. Nick appears to scold her for causing trouble (but seems amused)

Hearing that Sharon’s cancer is in stage 2 and chemo’s going well, Nikki remembers her sister, Casey having a hard time. Nick’s been great, Sharon adds. It would be great if you could be there for him, Noah and Faith – it’s hard on the family as well as the patient. Nikki feels that if Sharon can endure all their battles, she can beat this one too.

Still in the gallery, the Williams’ ask Vikki where Billy is. Victor appears on cue to say that he’ll never come near a Newman event again.

Amanda tries to dissuade Billy – if you go to the gala looking for trouble it won’t end well. His car here, Billy assures that he’ll behave himself. Ominous music and shaky camera indicate that someone’s watching Amanda (gee, I wonder who) – as she follows Billy out.

Sharon updates Rey that she told Nikki and why – it’s not just about me anymore; it’s affecting everyone who has to keep my secret. Noah comes along to offer to take Sharon home. You two go ahead, he kindly bows out.

Jill knows how frustrating Billy can be but he’s a good man. Vikki doesn’t care anymore – he wants more out of life than I can offer. The sooner we all accept that the better.

In the flattering light of the gallery, Nick and Phyllis have a heartfelt discussion about his relationship with Victor and their relationship. She knows Father and son never stopped loving each other. Nick thinks it amazing how Phyllis goes from annoying his sister, to expressing exactly how he’s feeling. Their talk concludes with Phyllis leaning over to initiate a kiss that leaves Nick seemingly wanting for more.

Jack follows Jill to the exit – leaving so soon? Yes, after a chat with Vikki she realizes he’s right – it really is over for her and Billy (who arrives on cue to ask the Baldwins where Vikki is) Tucking his flask into his jacket, Billy orders a tequila. Elena and Devon wonder where Lola is – looks like Kyle and Summer are back together. And what is she doing here? Devon spots Amanda walking around (looking for Billy) Ominous music and shaky camera make it clear that she’s being watched.

Looking across the restaurant at Phyllis, Abby sarcastically tells Chance that she apologized for everything; now we’re best friends. I want to crush her – I just need to figure out how.

At the bar, Adam nods at Billy then takes drinks over to Chelsea – he’s sorry she had to give up her shares of TGP to Phyllis for his mistake. You’ve paid for mine, Chelsea’s OK with it – TGP wasn’t my passion; design is. But her focus is now in Connor and Adam. He regrets the time he missed with them too – he will never lose his family again. Chelsea’s not going anywhere – everything feels so right. Agreeing, Adam gets down on bended knee to propose.

In the gallery, Billy mocks and scoffs at all the portraits of Victor – are you kidding me?? Amanda enters, trailed by her stalker. I need you to leave with me right now, she insists – if not for you, for me. As he rants, she reigns him in. As the lights shift towards darkness, there’s two men watching them. One is Ripley, the other might be Rey.

As Chelsea hesitates, Adam stands back up. She’s not having doubts – she’s taking in this moment. I’ve always been your wife. Yes, Adam Newman, I’ll marry you ~hug~

Her coat on and ready to leave, Phyllis is chided by Nikki for and Victor for crashing the party. Concluding that it was a great evening for all of them, she leaves Nikki to ask Victor if he knew Sharon has cancer. Yes, but Nick swore him to secrecy. Nikki’s glad she and Victor are together and healthy ~hug~

As Billy and Amanda continue to butt heads, Ripley watches from the shadows. After a frustrated Amanda leaves, Vikki appears to ask Billy to leave. Ripley makes his way over and manages to stab Vikki and escape. You OK? Billy supports her as she collapses into his arms; her white dress now stained with red.