Thursday, February 20th, 2020

Adam can’t believe his good fortune – Chelsea accepted his proposal! She can’t wait to see Connor’s reaction and doesn’t care that she doesn’t have a ring ~hug~

Nate’s sorry he had to work late and so, missed the speeches. Victor wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the good doctor’s work. Check out the amazing art work, Elena, Devon and Nikki chime in.

What the hell are you doing here? Amanda asks Ripley – then is left to look worried when he quickly gets on the elevator without answering.

Billy helps a bleeding Vikki to the floor as she collapses in his arms. Someone call 911, he shouts. Keep your eyes on me, he instructs a terrified and pale Vikki as she gasps for air.

Paul!! Chris calls for help as her husband takes Billy’s place. You’re first on my list of suspects, he hisses over his shoulder. Kyle and Summer summon Nate and Elena. And as they tend to Vikki, Paul asks Billy what the hell happened.

Thanking Noah for making her tea, Sharon wants him to go back to the party. He’d rather stay and ask her what chemo’s like. It’s boring, Sharon admits that the side affects are hard but manageable. Tonight was a lesson for all of us; a reminder that no matter what fate throws at you, the world keeps turning.

As Nate and Elena keep Vikki calm as they wait for the medics, Paul grills Billy – who denies he’d hurt Vikki. Victor, Nikki and Nick arrive to pile on. It wasn’t me, Billy repeats. Amanda pops up to agree – it wasn’t Billy.

Amanda knows who hurt Vikki; Ripley Turner – I just saw him leave. He thought she was me. As the medics arrive, Nate and Elena give orders while Vikki’s family and Billy look on with worry.

Noah tells his Mom about how he got into photography in London. He’s got a girlfriend, but we’re taking it slow. You’re as beautiful as you’ve ever been, he wants to take Sharon’s photo. She wants him to go back to London to pursue his goals. OK, she’ll let him stay until she has her surgery. Now, let’s hear about this new lady.

Do not be alone tonight, Nate pauses to tell Amanda as he follows the gurney. When Chance offers to help, Abby asks him to find the bastard who hurt her sister and make him pay. She then joins Nick and her parents as an unconscious Vikki’s wheeled onto the elevator.

Nate and Elena follow Vikki’s gurney into GCM.

Phyllis supports her friend Amanda, who says that Ripley was never violent with her.

Billy again tells Paul and Rey that Vikki said someone bumped into her. You know the suspect and the motive. If you have more questions, you know where to find me, he walks off.

Amanda then talks to Rey – who won’t let her blame herself. Any idea where Ripley might be? No but she could tell by his eyes that he realized he hurt the wrong person. Rey tells her to go to her suite and rest. He’ll have a cop posted outside. You couldn’t have known – it’s not your fault, he reiterates. Amanda’s left to fret alone.