Thursday, February 20th, 2020

The Newmans are now in GCM’s lounge – she’ll make it, they hope. Adam and Chelsea’s arrival is met with stares. Regardless, they join the family to wait. Nate reports that a CT scan revealed severe injuries to Vikki’s liver and lung. She’s stable and going into surgery now. Victor has confidence in him. Paul arrives for an update – Vikki will be under police protection until Ripley’s found. Gnashing his teeth about that bastard Ripley, Victor finds a new target when Billy arrives.

Victor wags his finger as he lambastes Billy. Fine, I’ll leave – but first, how is Vikki? She’s close to death! Victor’s backed up by Adam and Nikki. She’s the Mother of my children, a frustrated Billy agrees to leave with Chelsea.

Sharon ends a call with Rey to update Faith and Noah. Vikki needs our prayers as the cops search for the man who stabbed her. Seems like mistaken identity.

A cop posted outside, Amanda thanks Phyllis and claims she’s fine. Make sure the door’s locked, Phyllis demonstrates – she needs her only friend alive (but doesn’t care enough to stay with her instead of joining Nick at GCM) I was so naive, Amanda clearly isn’t fine. Phyllis gives her a hug; it’s not your fault. Lock this door behind me, she exits. We’ll talk later. Amanda’s left alone to cry.

Bringing Billy to TGP, Chelsea (as a fellow outsider) promises to keep him posted. Try to get some rest and don’t do anything crazy. Thanking her, he’s left to look alone and sad.

Arriving at GCM, Phyllis slips into the waiting area when Victor’s back’s turned. And as she takes a seat with Nick, Adam goes into the hallway to commiserate with his Dad – who delivers his usual speech about nothing else mattering but family; which Adam finally understands.

Amanda decides not to dive into her fully stocked bar. She’s relieved to hear Billy’s voice through the door – he doesn’t think she should be alone but will go away if she wants. He’s about to leave when she opens the door to exchange a wet-eyed stare.

Thanking the officer, Amanda closes the door then engages in a ‘this is all my fault’ contest with Billy (who feels it’s most unfair to Vikki; she had nothing to do with this)

Chelsea’s back by the time Nate comes out to update that Vikki’s out of surgery and in a medically induced coma to recover. All we can do is wait and hope for the best. The Newmans all grab someone to lean on.