Friday, February 21st, 2020

In the hotel lounge, Billy reads news about Vikki online, then calls Chelsea for an update. She’s still in the induced coma – all we can do is wait and hope. Stay away from the hospital, she warns. Billy? Billy? Huh, he hung up on me, Chelsea then tells Adam that Vikki’s a fighter, she’s strong,

Jack’s in the waiting area as Victor barks – Billyboy’s involved – he better not show his face here. Jack agrees with Abby – their anger should be directed towards the man they know did this. When Noah suggests they get some rest, Victor stuns Nikki by saying he needs to go. What could be so important at a time like this??

Sharon’s alone at home reading the news online when Mariah hurries in to give her a hug – she feels awful for Vikki but is so relieved her Mom wasn’t hurt.

At the hotel, Phyllis is on the phone with Summer – is your Dad at the hospital? I’m safe at the hotel, she insists – Abby’s got Chance on security, there’s a cop outside Amanda’s door – and Victor won’t rest until Ripley is caught and punished.

Victor announces that he’s going to NE – the staff need guidance now. Nikki’s not buying it – you’re planning to take Vikki’s place and run Newman.

Where are you going? Phyllis asks Billy – and have you seen Amanda? No, he slept on her couch last night; leaving after she finally fell asleep. Where are you going? she asks again. Where I’m needed most, he exits the hotel.

Sharon can only imagine the toll this is taking on the Newmans. It’s so sudden – there’s no time for reflection or planning (like the thinking she does during treatment) Mariah opines that both her Mom and Vikki need to fight.

Back at Society, Adam talks about the complicated relationship he has with the Newmans. It’s OK to think of them as family if that’s the way you feel, Chelsea’s supportive.

Nikki vehemently opposes Victor being the one to fill the void at Newman. If you go back, you know it won’t be temporary! We should be basking in the glory of your achievements right now – Vikki should be in her CEO chair; she deserves to be happy after all the heartbreak. Enough is enough! she sobs in Victor’s arms.

Clinking coffee mugs, Mariah and Sharon have a chat. You can tell Tessa what’s going on if you want to. She’d want to know and support you. Agreeing, Mariah will tell Tessa everything.

Nikki’s calmed down and Nick’s in the hallway. He updates Sharon and asks a favour. Ranch security say Billy’s there to see the kids. He seemed calm so I gave him the go ahead. Not knowing what frame of mind Billy’s in, Nick asks if Sharon could go up to the main house to check on things.

Jack’s heading out. Hang in there – call me if you need anything. Nick encourages Noah to return to his career in London. If, heaven forbid, anything bad were to happen, we’d get you back here on a plane. You’re coming back for your Mom’s surgery anyway. Ok, if you’re sure, Noah reluctantly agrees.