Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

On her phone, Abby’s pissed to hear there’s another lawsuit against the hotel over the hostage situation. Phyllis is behind this; Abby won’t let her damage TGP’s reputation.

Devon, Chance and Kevin are at the estate. Jill just got a text from Collin – traveling the world isn’t the same without you – can you get your grandson to back off? Chloe and Jill are brought up to speed. Collin returned the money. You must be thrilled, Jill hugs Devon. All agree that Collin should still be punished. Kevin suggests Devon transfer the money to his own account. Chance doesn’t think the feds will just drop this case. Why is Devon willing to let Collin go? He’s broke and alone, Devon thinks he’s suffered enough. Kevin will be well compensated. All are left to look puzzled when Devon makes a hasty exit.

Devon relays the good news to Elena and Nate (who gets a text summoning him to the hospital) What’s really going on? Elena asks Devon.

Billy updates Nikki that Vikki just woke up – he wanted to see what she remembered. Nate arrives to thank Nikki for texting him. Stepping out so Nate can examine Vikki, Nikki lays into Billy in the hallway. Victor told you to stay away. The kids are scared, I deserve to be here. Vikki heard me and opened her eyes. She didn’t see Ripley so might think I hurt her. Billy just wants to be there for Vikki – can you let me do that? Nikki believes they love one another but that doesn’t mean Billy should be anywhere near the kids right now.

Those two seem happy, Chance says after Kevin and Chloe go upstairs. He’s not sure what Jill ever saw in Collin.

Over drinks at Society, Devon’s not sure how to feel. It’s good he got the money back but what does Collin’s text mean ‘money can make you crazy’?

From one addict to another, Nikki knows Billy needs a meeting, a sponsor. You’re in denial and flirting with disaster. Vikki could have died. Nikki sees the truth and others can to. Billy’s just trying to be himself and live his life honestly. Look where that lead before – where it’s leading you now. Nikki won’t let Billy drag Vikki down with him. Nate comes out to say that Vikki’s asking for her Mom.

Back at Society, Devon wants to be efficient in how he helps people. Elena’s all in – whether he’s rich or broke.

At TGP, Abby’s on the phone with her lawyer. The same doctor’s testifying about pain and suffering in both cases? Make this go away! ~click~ This hotel really is cursed, she looks frustrated.

Jill explains the appeal of Collin – he swallowed life whole – one big adventure. I loved the ride but couldn’t trust him. Jill never felt more alive than when with Collin – she wouldn’t change a moment of it. Chance is sorry – he was lucky to have you. Love you grandma. Seconds after Chance leaves, Jill answers the door and is given a box with a single red rose inside.

Billy watches through he window as Nikki avoids questions about what happened. Where’s Billy? He’ll never be let in this room again. I’ll be right here looking after you. Having seen enough, a scowling Billy exits.