Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Since his Mom’s not at the estate, Billy has a nice chat with Chloe. Pregnancy suits you, he lets her get back to sorting baby clothes. Chloe’s final words of support touch Billy. She’ll tell Jill he came by.

At Vikki’s bedside, Nikki looks forward to her waking up. Sharon’s going through some stuff too – she’s sincerely worried about you. We all love you and want you to come back to us.

Devon ends a call with Nick – focus on Vikki; I’ll take this meeting ~click~ He’s then puzzled by a text from an unknown number containing a long string of numbers ‘sweet mystery of life’.

At Society, Elena and Nate discuss options for New Hope’s clinic. This is really happening, she smiles.

In TGP’s lounge, Abby ends a call ‘no comment’ then rants about Phyllis concocting this stupid lawsuit – all while Vikki’s fighting for her life. It’s infuriating. Chance gives her a hug – you’ll handle Phyllis like you do everything else. Serious talk of their relationship is interrupted when Devon summons CL’s to read the text he believes came from Collin.

Chance is more than happy to have a serious talk with Abby. Reciting a long list of her qualities, he wants to spend as much time with her as possible. Abby feels the same. This feels right ~kiss~ You’re amazing, Chance needs to go see Devon – we’ll pick this up later. Abby’s left to look smitten.

Kissing Vikki on the forehead, Nikki goes down to the gift shop for some Calla Lilies (giving Billy a chance to slip in)

When Chance joins him, Devon’s already ruled out a phone number – maybe it’s what’s left of my inheritance. They aren’t longitude/latitude coordinates – but Chance has an idea. Let’s switch the numbers to letters – or enlist some help. Me? What? Why? Kevin’s insulted at being called a nerdy numbers guy. Chance thinks Kevin a genius and what happened between him and Chloe was a long time ago. Kevin agrees and for good measure adds that he and Chloe have a daughter and a baby on the way. When Devon comes over with the numbers, Kevin types on his laptop; it’s an offshore account. Holy crap!!!

As lunch is served, Elena appreciates Nate’s support and friendship. Let’s compile a list of options (hopefully, Devon doesn’t choose options three) Nate admires Devon for doing what he thought was the right thing (giving his inheritance away) More than anger towards Collin, Devon feels guilty for letting Kay down. Hopefully, it’s resolved soon.

Kevin tells Chance and Devon that the offshore account contains 2.5 billion. And the account’s in your name. Devon reads another text; money can make a person crazy – all apologies mate. Chance suspects he returned the money hoping the feds will stop searching for him. Kevin’s excited – you’re back in the billionaires club!! I’m friends with a billionaire! Which is of less importance right now, he realizes he’s the only one excited.

Taking a seat, Billy tells Vikki that he couldn’t stay away. I’ll never forgive myself for all the pain I’ve caused you. You’re so patient, kind – saved my life more than once. I wanted to be that person for you but you’ve always been the strong one. Be strong now – your family needs you; the kids. Come out of this right now, I love you. I’ll always love you. Vikki blinks her eyes open enough to scowl – get away from me.

Get away from me. Billy thinks she’s confused – you’re coming out of a coma. Don’t touch me, Vikki turns away. Glaring at Billy, Nikki goes to her daughters side to calm her.