Tuesday, February 25th, 2020

Handing Chelsea a folder, Adam got up early to research destination weddings. His destination of choice? Hope’s farm in Kansas. Back to the scene of the crime. Chelsea loves the idea – late spring? (depending on how Vikki’s recovery’s going and on whether Adam steps in at Newman)

At Society, Victor ends a testy business call. Nick thinks he should slow down, have something for breakfast beside coffee. Someone has to run Newman, Victor protests as he answers another call.

Nikki’s reading aloud at Vikki’s bedside; her favourite poem – then chatters away as she applies lip balm to her sleeping daughter.

Summer working at his desk, Kyle fantasizes that she barged into the office and started ripping his clothes off.

Theo’s at TGP for a meeting – Lola came to see Abby (but it can wait due to Vikki’s condition) Theo’s happy to hear that she’s opening her own restaurant – not happy to hear it’s in Miami. You can’t leave, he blurts out.

Nate comes in with nothing to update on Vikki’s condition. He gently scolds Nikki with a reminder to take care of herself so she doesn’t have an MS flare up. Left to spend a few more minutes with Vikki, Nikki’s surprised when Sharon appears.

Nick knows his Dad’s missing meals and sleep – you look like hell. Victor wishes he was in Vikki’s place. Eat, Nick forces him to take a menu.

Chelsea suspects (correctly) that she’s the real reason he’s hesitant to step in at Newman. She doesn’t want anything or anyone to hold Adam back, and that includes me.

Work is once again interrupted by a fantasy; this time it’s Summer who can’t stop thinking of ripping Kyle’s shirt off. She too (falsely) claims to be focused on the deal.

Back at TGP, Theo’s relieved to hear that Lola’s not leaving Society. Yes, it’s her food he was afraid he’d miss. Looks like someone’s trying to get your attention. A woman across the room waves. I’m late for my meeting, Theo stammers then goes to join his associate. Lola pauses at the door to watch as they take a seat.

Chelsea 100% thinks Adam should go for it – you’re the most qualified person to step in. But, be honest – admit that you want to prove yourself to your Father. It’s scary how well you know me, Adam grins ~kiss~

Seated in the waiting area, Nikki and Sharon are both sure Vikki can hear her Mom reading to her. Hearing that Sharon took a cab, Nikki insists on driving her home. After all we’ve been through – just try stop me. With a quick I love you, Nikki follows Sharon out. Seconds later, Billy ducks in to sit and cry at Vikki’s bedside.

Hearing that Adam’s on his way to Society, Nick thinks it a good time to leave. Don’t let Adam take advantage of you, he warns in parting. I wasn’t born yesterday, Victor assures. Passing one another outside, Nick and Adam exchange a look but no words. Adam then joins Victor to say that he’s ready to step up and help the family in any way he can.