Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Good morning – Vikki awakens to find her parents and Nick hovering at her bedside. When can I go home? she croaks.

Jack’s waiting at the hotel when Abby arrives. She has good news re: Vikki. He has bad news about Dina – she’s not doing well.

Dina’s lost her appetite and declining quickly. All we can do is keep her comfortable. Abby worries about how her Mom will take the news – and is there for her Uncle Jack too. Love you. After Jack leaves, Phyllis wastes no time starting in on Abby. Despite the lawsuits and whatever the universe might be telling her, Abby’s not going anywhere either.

Chance makes an early visit to the penthouse to tell Adam that Phyllis is a loose cannon – with an agenda and a target. That target is us – he plans to eliminate that threat, immediately.

In the waiting room, Nick’s glad the first face Vikki saw when she woke up was her Mom’s. Actually, it was Billy’s face – Nikki’s pissed he didn’t stay away.

Vikki wants to talk to her Dad about Billy. She can’t remember what happened after they argued at the gala. Who would do this to me? she wonders.

Yes, Abby IS standing her ground – because TGP is still her ground. These lawsuits will hurt you shares of the hotel too – I have a nest-egg to fall back on; you have nothing. Sign your shares over to me. Phyllis can make these lawsuits disappear with a snap of her fingers – sell your shares to me. Abby refuses to accept Phyllis’ offer (a deposit and payment over 20 years) OK – delay the inevitable, Phyllis leaves Abby to stew.

Relax, Chance isn’t going to do away with Phyllis. The only pain he’ll cause is to her ego (but hacking into her computer) Where do I come in? Adam wonders. You don’t – Chance just needs his blessing. Adam’s answer is a handshake.

Furious that her lawyer can’t make the lawsuits go away, Abby fires him and hangs up. Asking about Vikki, Amanda’s relieved to hear she’s recovering. As a thank you for all the extra security, she’d like to offer legal advice. That won’t work – Phyllis got rid of Chelsea and now she wants to run me out of TGP. I’m so tired of fighting with Phyllis. Amanda’s sorry to hear it – you must really love this place to keep fighting for it. That IS why you’re fighting so hard, right? Abby has an epiphany.

Nick doesn’t give a damn about how Billy feels – he’s ignoring our warning to stay away. Nick now knows Billy was the one to tuck photos of the kids into Vikki’s bed. Victor comes out to pile on. Vikki doesn’t remember the attack (or who stabbed her) After consulting with Vikki’s surgical team, Nate has some new developments to report.

At Society, Jack’s on the phone with Ashley. Vikki’s on the mend – it’s about Mom. I think you need to come home.

Proud of what she accomplished with TGP, Abby’s grateful the Newman/Abbott name gave her a head start in life. But, she wants success in her own name so can’t cave in to Phyllis. Understanding, Amanda thinks Abby should decide what success looks like to her (and only her)

Chance enters the CL’s patio on the phone – can we meet? I have another job for you.

Adam joins Jack at Society – we’re still friends right? It’s not always easy to be your friend, Jack hopes Adam’s sincere about making amends with Victor. My Mother’s not doing well, he confides. Adam can relate – he’s also trying to figure out where he fits in with Victor. Jack knows Adam wants to return to the family fold.