Thursday, February 27th, 2020

Nate’s sure that Vikki will make a full recovery. She can go home tonight but must take it easy; especially the next few days. She could be susceptible to lung infection. Victor wants to know when Vikki’d be ready to return to work. Not any time soon, Nate points out that her injuries aren’t just physical. Emotional trauma can take even longer to heal. After Nate goes to tend to other patients, Victor has decisions to make and needs Nick to take a seat.

Chance is at the estate with another side job for Kevin. Yes, he’s interested. One question – is it legal?

In the lounge, Phyllis is surprised that Abby told Amanda about the lawsuits and her attempt to take over the hotel. Is TGP really worth all this? Damn right it is, Phyllis doesn’t hesitate.

Back at GCM, Victor tells Nick that he’s been acting CEO for a few days but a more permanent solution needs to be worked out. No, he’s not asking Nick – Adam offered to step up to the plate. Both Nick and Nikki are stunned to hear that Victor’s mulling it over. It can’t be Adam, Nick’s firm.

Adam insists that volunteering to run NE isn’t a power play. Jack approves – but his support is conditional.

Victor will put whoever he pleases in charge at Newman. Nick doesn’t understand why he’d choose Adam. He won’t leave when Vikki comes back. Why are we even talking about this? He tried to kill you – tried to destroy this family. How can you trust him? You know I’m right or you’d have hired him without talking to me.

If Adam steps down with grace when Vikki returns, Jack will believe he’s changed. If not, you’ll sever your ties to your Father and the Newman family for good.

Told that he’s to retrieve an illegally recorded conversation, Kevin wonders why Chance is bringing this job to him instead of his federal agents. I work for the police department – is this a set up? Chance makes it clear that this is a personal matter – this conversation never happened.

It’s simple – this is MY hotel. Phyllis even named it after herself – I was the phoenix rising from the ashes of my old life. Adam took it out from under me and sold it to Abby – who then partnered with Chelsea. This hotel is everything to me. I’ll make Abby’s life miserable until I get it back. She’s right behind me isn’t she? Yes. Thanking a woman who then leaves, Abby denies she’s her new lawyer. There is something I need to tell you, she smirks.

Chance gives Kevin his word that this won’t come back to bite him. He’ll make it worth his while. Reading the number Chance jots down, Kevin agrees – deal.

Care to join me? Abby sits between Amanda and Phyllis to hand out champagne flutes. She’s decided to sell her shares – I’m done. Congratulations, Abby has something else to say – that lady isn’t my lawyer, she’s my realtor. Having bought the property across the street, Abby plans to build a hotel that will make TGP look like a shack. Phyllis got what she wanted – bring it! It’s been brought! Abby replies. Amanda silently drinks her bubbly.

Nick will do anything for this family except get sucked back into Newman. After he walks out, Victor’s sure he’ll come around. Nikki doubts it.

Back at Society, Adam vows to do right by the company and the family. Good, Jack’s advice is to let Victor make the next move. Let him come to you.