Friday, February 28th, 2020

How are my sweet babies doing? Vikki looks at the photos Billy left as Nikki updates that Victor’s letting him visit the kids; Hannah’s there and Sharon’s checking in on them when she can. Family emergencies tend to bring out the best in people.

Surprised to find Sharon working at CL’s, Rey gently scolds her. People really like how I freshened up the place, Sharon says – but agrees ‘there is such a thing as too much change’.

On the CL’s patio, Jack updates that Dina’s slipping away. He does NOT appreciate the implication that he’s using their Mother’s health issues to manipulate Billy. Other people have problems too, he reminds his little brother.

At Jabot, Summer’s business talk leads to a suggestion that she and Kyle take the private jet off to a sunny location. Kyle feels they’ve blurred the lines between their professional and business lives so understands if she needs a break. Nope – personally and professionally, Summer’s exactly where she needs to be. She won’t burn out.

Mariah’s sorry for venting. No need, a supportive Lola doesn’t think Mariah should jump to conclusions because Tessa’s not responding to her texts/calls. Behind the bar, Lyndsay eavesdrops with interest.

In her suite, an emotional Amanda reads the breaking news on her tablet; the person suspected of stabbing Vikki remains at large.

Still on the patio, Billy apologizes for being insensitive – he’s impressed with how Jack and his siblings are handling Dina’s illness. Jack sometimes feels a sense of relief in their Mother. She’s at peace.

Deciding on something simple for dinner; spaghetti and meatballs, Sharon offers to take care of it when Rey gets a call summoning him to the station.

Mariah continues to whine to Lola and Lyndsay; I’m being ghosted by Tessa. She might not be sleeping with Tanner but something’s going on. They’re too familiar. Mariah can only go by her gut – don’t you wish you listened to yours? Lola answers by saying that Mariah and Tessa have something real (unlike her and Kyle) After Lola returns to work, Lyndsay steps in to offer support (and look interested when Mariah admits there’s another problem between her and Tessa)

Continuing their work, Summer’s sorry to hear that Ashley’s been summoned to GC because Dina’s health is failing. How’s Jack taking it? Summer gets a text from her Dad letting her know that Reed’s on his way to see Vikki. We’re all so happy she’s awake. They then discuss Billy – seems he’s avoiding everybody. Summer bets she knows why – he claimed he was leaving Jabot to focus on family but ended up hitting seedy bars with other women (Amanda) Summer doubts anyone will forgive Billy this time.

Back on the patio, Jack reminisces about Christmas Eve with Dina; a memory he’s grateful for. And he really appreciates Billy being there for him. My dance card’s pretty empty, Billy quips – but then gets insulted when Jack mentions that he might go to an NA meeting (assuming it was a subtle hint that he should go too) Billy, wait – Jack’s pleas are ignored.

Nodding off in her suite, Amanda’s terrified to find Ripley staring down at her.

Coming inside for a refill, Jack comments that Sharon left the gala early. As she changes the subject to Noah, Jack notices that her hand is causing her pain. Sit down – there’s something I have to tell you, Sharon says.

Lyndsay comes out with two dessert plates – compliments of the chef. As they dig in at the bar, she asks Mariah why she hasn’t told Tessa that Power Communications folded. Because she’s my girlfriend and client – it was my job to promote her, but Mariah knows that Tessa’s success is because of Tanner, not her. Getting emotional, Mariah decides it’s time to leave. Lyndsay insists on tagging along – the place is dead and you shouldn’t be alone.