Monday, March 2nd, 2020

What are you doing here? Mariah’s stunned. I live here – surprise, Tessa wants to know what Lyndsay’s doing here. She doesn’t owe you an explanation, Mariah says. No, but you do, Tessa replies.

Vikki’s at the ranch talking about the kids with her parents (their warm welcome is the best medicine) She’s then surprised when Reed appears to give her a hug.

At home, Rey talks about the ice storm coming their way. Sharon feels like she’s been hit by a truck but worries that her ‘numbers’ won’t be good enough to continue chemo.

Phyllis drops by Amanda’s suite to hear that Ripley’s been arrested (on his way back to murder her) He’s behind bars and you’re OK, that’s all that matters, Phyllis decides. Having just explained how distressed she is, Amanda doesn’t appear to agree.

Meeting Elena at CL’s, Devon comments on the icy conditions. She has a surprise – what do you get a man who has everything he’s ever wanted? A key that could unlock thousands of dreams.

At Society, Chelsea and Adam toast to Connor having a new friend at school (giving them this evening to themselves) Adam then rants about Victor not taking him up on his offer to run NE. Feeling he’s the only one qualified, he scowls ‘let the chips fall where they may’.

As Reed grumbles about the way Billy’s treated his Mom, Nick cuts him off – now’s not the time. When Reed continues, Victor agrees – no more talk of Billy Boy (or Amanda Sinclair). Now silent, Reed hugs his Mom.

When Amanda says she’ll deal with this on her own, Phyllis apologizes and sympathizes. You’re safe, be thankful for that. Don’t let this guy bring you down. Amanda will bounce back – that’s what she does. Phyllis knows – and with a hug, vows to be back. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

My body’s betraying me, Sharon snaps at the doting Rey. When Faith comes down to ask what’s wrong, Sharon apologizes for her tantrum. Getting a call from the station, Rey tells them that he can’t go in tonight. Sharon insists he go where he’s needed and puts her earbuds in (which allows Rey to discreetly confirm that Faith’s OK staying with her Mom for a few hours)

As a horrified Lyndsay sits trapped on the couch, Mariah blasts Tessa; assuming she slept with Tanner. In tears, Tessa swears she didn’t – but how about you? I didn’t sleep with her, Mariah says unconvincingly. Without further word, Tessa yanks her luggage out the door.

This key unlocks the door to what might be our New Hope clinic, both Elena and Devon are excited. When Amanda comes in to order coffee, both go over to say how sorry they are for what she’s been going through.

Victor tells Nick that Adam’s his only option to run NE. What does Vikki think of this? Victor hasn’t wanted to burden her. After Nick leaves, Nikki asks Victor if he can really trust Adam to run the company.