Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Abby is at Chance’s door. It was a dark and stormy night when suddenly (she pops open a bottle of bubbly and is pulled into his suite)

Riding out the storm at Jabot, Jack’s glad Ashley came back home, due to Dina’s declining health.

Amanda’s not happy when Billy comes knocking at her door. Yanking it open she expresses quite clearly that she still wants nothing to do with him.

The storm intensifying outside, Lauren wants to leave the estate. Mike thinks it would be rude to dine and dash. Hurricane Chloe then blows in to confront Kevin – what’s this? You’ve been cheating on me!?

Turning the lights out at Society, Lola’s surprised to find Theo still enjoying a drink. Yes, the hostess let him stay – he was waiting for Lola. Great, having sent all her staff home, she now she has to worry about him getting home. Wait – she suspects Theo was hoping she’d invite him to her place (since the roads are bad and her place is closer)

Abby and Chance are about to get hot and heavy with an illegal strip search when there’s a knock at the door. Seems a staffer needs Ms Newman for ’emergency’ hotel business.

Theo thinks Lola’s assumptions a bit conceited. They then have a flirtatious conversation that’s about to be a kiss when Kyle and Summer come in from the storm.

Billy’s just checking in on Amanda; see how she’s dealing with things. Letting him in, Amanda admits that she’s not doing well but isn’t a delicate flower who’s about to fall apart. Anyone who thinks that doesn’t know me. At all.

** The ‘L’ on my keypad is not working well so I’m using a ‘1’ occasionally when my finger gets sore from hitting the stubborn ‘l’. For extra fun some will be just plain missing.

Kevin denies he’d ever cheat on Chloe. Yes, the receipt that’s got her all worked up is from lunch today. Mike chimes in that Kevin took him out for lunch today. It’s not the who it’s the where. Chloe’s can’t have sushi or coffee so Kevin shouldn’t either (until the baby’s born) Lauren still wants to leave the estate but Mike’s amused by the dinner and a show (Kevin and Chloe bickering)

At Jabot, Jack tells Ashley a sad story about the episode with Dina that caused him to summon her home. Thanking Ashley (who then goes to the ladies room) Jack’s surprised to see his Mother, happy and fit, seated behind his desk.

Toweling off, Kyle and Summer explain that they hit a patch of ice; their car’s stuck in the snow. Society is the only place with lights on. Cutting through the awkwardness, Lola takes Summer to the back for some dry clothes. That leaves Kyle and Theo to butt heads over Lola (Kyle’s not happy about what he walked in on. Theo’s happy about that)

A stunned Jack sits across the desk from his Mother – you look wonderful. Jack doesn’t deny he’s exhausted – you’re slipping away from us. You’ve gone on without me before, Dina reminds. Jack’s brought to tears as he shares his greatest fear – he won’t be able to calm her when she’s scared. You’ll handle it because you’re my son, Dina asks him to look to John for guidance. Jack does to this day. And in the brief time he looks up to the heavens, Dina disappears.

Hearing that Kyle went to try get the car out, Lola and Summer both blame Theo. Kyle returns to report that the car’s not going anywhere, At the bar, Lola chides Theo for not stopping Kyle from going out. Opening a bottle of something to warm Kyle up, Lola believes him when he says he’d have gone anywhere else if he knew she was at Society.

TGP’s lobby is full of disgruntled customers. Abby frets to an employee – with the power going off and on, the elevators and heat etc. are hit and miss. A couple wanting a reward aren’t impressed when Abby takes no blame for this act of God. Our staff is on it. The employee then leans in to update that there’s hardly any staff there. The storm hit at shift change. After venting to Chance about Phyllis, Abby leaves a message for the new owner – come deal with the crisis at your hotel – NOW. Hanging up, Abby’s further annoyed that Chance has vanished.