Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

In Amanda’s suite, Billy goes over how drawn they were to one another that night in the bar (and kept going back) You’re not my enabler – you make me happy and you deserve to be happy. How can I be your answer to anything? Amanda’s not exactly swept of her feet by Billy’s declaration.

The Baldwins look on with concern as Kevin seats Chloe on the sofa then talks to her belly. Relax in there, It’s too early, you’re too small and we’re not ready. No contractions, not tonight, he pleads.

In the cold building, Nate ends a call. Elena and Devon report that there’s a lock bock on the thermostat. The temperatures only high enough to stop the water pipes from freezing. At least they’re inside – no one should be out in this.

As Sharon bundles up on the sofa, Mariah frets about Tessa. She’s fine, Faith’s sure – probably hunkered down writing a song. Let’s pop some popcorn and watch a movie. That sounds good, Sharon says but immediately feeling sick goes upstairs to lay down. Rey left me in charge – Mom’s worse, Faith worries – what do we do??

Kevin’s on the phone with the doctor – where does it hurt? Front or legs and lower back? Braxton Hicks? (Mike and Lauren high five) Instructed to stay home and wait, Kevin hangs up and reassures Chloe that the contractions should end soon.

With all that’s going on, Amanda’s in no mood to talk about a relationship. Billy can’t fix her heart but he can feed her face. Deciding to order room service, Billy’s not deterred that he can’t reach anyone. You’re free, embrace it, he says as he goes to get something to eat.

Huddled and shivering in the cold building, Devon, Elena and Nate think about something warm. Now hungry, Nate offers to see if the store down the road’s open. When Elena finds a pack with 7 mints in her pocket they’re about to divvy them up when Devon darts outside then seconds later returns with a young man (his two friend took off)

Noticing that the young man has an injured arm, Devon informs that he’s with two of the best doctors around. We’re turning this place into a medical clinic. We can look at it here or take you to the ER (where they’ll ask questions) Ripping the kids’ sleeve open to reveal a nasty cut, Devon goes to fetch Elena’s medical bag from the car. The kid’s coaxed into giving his name; Jared.

Billy returns to Amanda’s suite with a pillow case full of vending machine junk food. She was just reading a news article online – I hate Ripley for what he did to me and Vikki; and taking it out on you. Forgive me?

On the bed, Amanda and Billy chat as they pick at a buffet of chips and candy. Without all the excess baggage, Billy suggests a fresh start.

Coming out with a tray of brownies and hot chocolate, Mariah gets Faith to open up about how she’s feeling. Mom looks so sick and gets tired so fast, she tears up and shares how scared she is. Faith wants the life she used to have – when everything worked out in the end. I know, Mariah says with a hug.

Still having contractions, Chloe wonders what could have brought it on. Lauren concludes her list with ‘sex’. Are you asking if we had a quickie before dinner? Kevin looks indignant. He then entertains all with a descriptive novel that Mike adds to – this Hungarian Princess with royal blood flowing through her veins…. Chloe’s suitably distracted and contraction-free.

Deciding to call it a night, Chloe and Kevin tell the Baldwins to take any room they want. They’ll stay up a bit longer. As soon as Chloe and Kevin go upstairs, Mike throws the couch pillows on the floor, removes his jacket and kisses Lauren.