Thursday, March 5th, 2020

From the bar, Lola watches as Kyle and Summer exchange banter and a kiss over cards. When Theo joins them to also point out solitaire moves over Kyle’s shoulder, Lola pulls him away – what did I say about keeping things civil?

The kids asleep, Chelsea and Adam are stuck at the ranch due to the storm and fallen tree. Chelsea suggests they slip off and call it a night before Adam and Victor can get into it again. Victor appears to say neither are the type of man to put off confrontation.

‘No sleeping in the lobby’, but Abby’s the one startled when Chance grabs her for a kiss – he sleeps with one eye open.

Nick returns to find that Phyllis has turned his man cave into a zen space (with wine, popcorn and a fruit/cheese plate) Are you moving in? he jokes. Can we agree that would be a terrible idea? Phyllis claims the thought never crossed her mind.

Chance explains that he slipped out of the suite when Abby was sleeping – to make sure everything was OK in the lobby (which is empty so he nodded off) Abby believes the worst is over – come up to bed. Phyllis will have to handle anything else tomorrow. When Chance suddenly has something to do, Abby wonders if it has anything to do with Phyllis.

Told that Victor wants Nick to run NE, Phyllis doesn’t think it a bad idea. Nick’s mildly miffed to hear that Summer’s been in contact with her and not him, then wonders how Phyllis is so put together during the day then a slob at night. You’re so charming, Phyllis is surprised there’s not a line up of women at the door.

Adam can go another round if Victor’s up to it – it’s nice and peaceful with the kids in bed. After Chelsea leaves them to it, Father and son get back to who will run NE in Vikki’s absence. Victor knows Adam’s business savvy but can I trust you? On cue, another tree can be heard falling outside. Maybe the heavens are trying to tell us something, Victor quips.

Denying that his expression ever-so-slightly changed at the mention of Phyllis, Chance needs Abby to trust him. Abby needs to know what’s going on in her hotel. Chance doesn’t want her implicated if things go wrong. This isn’t a game and refusing to give Abby details, he needs access to the computer system.

Scolded by Lola, Theo can’t help but find it hilarious that it takes two of them to play solitaire. He then goes over again to suggest a game they could all play. Strip poker quickly ruled out, Lola shows Summer around the bar – let’s go nuts. That leaves Theo to tell Kyle that has another idea to pass the time – if you’re up to it.

Letting himself into Phyllis’ room, Chance is surprised to find Abby’s beaten him there – whatever’s going on, she wants in.

Nick does just fine with the ladies thank you. Phyllis is single by choice – seriously? Look at me. Nick again brings up the kiss. It meant nothing – if I was trying to seduce you you’d know it. Good – Nick’s glad they cleared that up. We’re better as friends, they agree. Phyllis likes where their friendship is right now. We can’t fall into old habits, both agree again (without conviction)