Friday, March 6th, 2020

My ‘l’ is still not working….. so enjoy this mix of 1’s and typos.

The morning after, Nick and Phyllis have an awkward conversation that leads to a kiss. Daddy, Christian runs out to be scooped up for a hug.

Kyle and Summer awaken on the couch and untangle themselves with the goal of leaving so 1o1a doesn’t have to see them. However, seeing 1o1a sleeping in Theo’s arms, Kyle can’t seem to drag his eyes away from them – while Summer glares at Kyle.

Bi11y and Amanda are fu11y clothed in bed as he watches her sleep.

Chelsea and Adam are eager to leave the ranch but Victor wants a minute alone with Adam; to talk about last night. You mean when you told my son to toughen up? Adam’s not happy.

Kyle, we need to go, Summer’s nags. As soon as they leave, Theo and Lola joke about the sight of them laying together making Kyle’s head explode. But when he comes in for a kiss, Lola turns her head – sorry, I can’t.

What’s for breakfast? Christian chirps. Despite Nick wanting her to stay, Phyllis grabs her clothes and heads for the door. When he catches up to her, she says it was only sex; what Nick should be thinking about is whether he’s cool with Adam running NE.

Victor was just trying to help Conner. Adam understands there was no malice intended – I know you think I coddle him but he’s been through enough lately. Victor understands Adam’s need to protect his family. We’re both stubborn sons of bitches, Victor thinks them being able to talk like this a sign of good things to come. In our relationship or me stepping in at Newman? Adam asks.

Phyllis agrees that Victor’s using this opportunity to try pull Nick back into the company – but you’re your own man; you won’t let that happen. Don’t hand NE over to Adam on a silver platter – which would hurt a lot of people; especially Vikki. Adam won’t let her come back. Prevent this bloodbath, Phyllis implores.

Amanda awakens smiling – she slept incredibly well. Thanks for staying. Billy will order up some food while Amanda freshens up. She smiles more when Billy orders two of everything.

Theo doesn’t think they’re moving too fast. 1o1a find it easy to get caught up in the moment. She needs to get a divorce before she can move on. You’re worth the wait, Theo reassures (but doesn’t look convinced)

Adam would work day and night to prove himself to his Father – of course he’ll step aside when Vikki’s ready to come back. Ending a quick ca11, Victor updates that Nick’s taking over as CEO. Adam’s not happy about that.

Amanda fees as if a great weight’s been lifted – she no longer has to watch over her shoulder. The clouds are gone, she looks out the window. In the background, Bi11y watches her.

Summer’s home to te11 her Dad that she spent the night with Ky1e (and Theo and 1o1a) Where’s Mom? She said she was crashing here last night. How’d that go? Nick reaffirms Summer’s belief that they’re friends without benefits then changes the subject to him taking over at NE. That’s awesome, good for you – Summer’s sure the whole family wi11 be grateful (except Adam of course)

Adam 1ashes out at Victor – who won’t budge from his decision. You played me, Adam has his answer now. Chelsea reappears with Nikki. Was this the plan a11 along? Inviting me here to provoke Nick into stepping in? We were just ta1king about how we11 we’re resolving our conflicts. This might be one we can’t come back from, Adam snarfs as he follows Chelsea out.

In Kyle’s office to run some ideas by him, Theo wastes no time need1ing him – is something bothering you? Nope, let’s hear this pitch, Kyle closes the door.

Returning to Society for her scarf, Summer thanks 1o1a or letting them stay last night. Knowing the scarf could wait, 1o1a wonders why Summer’s rea11y there.

Accosting Chelsea at C1’s, Phyllis has a 1ot to gloat about; spending the night with Nick and TGP. I win, you lose. Suspecting that Phyllis also had a hand in Nick thwarting Adam’s plans at NE, Chelsea’s 1eft to 1ook frustrated and defeated.

Back at the ranch, Nikki’s sorry things didn’t go we11 with Adam but not sorry that Nick’s stepping in. Did you rea11y plan to accept Adam’s offer? Yes, but Nick was always Victor’s first choice. And now Victor must 1eave. We both know where I need to be right now.

Sorry, but Ky1e doens’t think Theo’s social media campaign weak – give me something different. Theo disagrees – this is obviously persona1. You and Summer snuck out this morning without so much as thanking 1o1a for her hospitality. Didn’t you ike what you saw this morning.

Appreciating 1o1a’s kindness last night, Summer wants to return the favour – by warning her to be careful with Theo. He’s fun and charming but he also carries a grudge. When 1o1a’s had enough, Summer insists on being heard.

Bi11y fees like he’s starting fresh again too – when he’s with Amanda. There’s a reason you slept so we11 last night. You know why we’re drawn to each other ~kiss~

So, that’s it, isn’t it? Bi11y says with a sigh. Yeah, Amanda 1et’s him down easy. I should go, he says. I think so, she agrees. Bi11y gives her one last sad 1ook before pouting in the ha11way.

Summer just wanted to say that 1o1a brings out something in Theo she’s never seen before. 1o1a wasn’t expecting that – or Summer saying that if they became more than friends, she’d be happy for them.

Back at Jabot, Ky1e thinks 1o1a can be with anyone she wants – yes, even you. Good, Theo wi11 be there for 1o1a in a11 the ways Kyle wasn’t. If this is just a way to stick it to me, you’re a bastard Kyle wants to know if his intentions. Theo thinks 1o1a’s pretty special. Pissing you off is a bonus. He leaves looking smug while Kyle’s ready to rip his desk apart.

Phyllis is alarmed to find her thumb-drive gone and her laptop destroyed. You think you’ve won! she gasps for air – think again.

Meeting Victor at NE, Nicks in a suit and ready to take over for the family and Vikki’s sake. You have a 1ot to catch up on, let’s get to work, Victor says.

Connor up playing in his room, Adam te11s Chelsea that they need to get out of town. Chelsea thinks it a good idea that they go to the farm in Kansas to regroup. Knowing Adam wants but doesn’t have Victor’s trust, respect or unconditional love, she knows he wants revenge. Adam’s surprised when she says she’s onboard with whatever he cooks up.